International travel is the next big travel trend

Medha Joseph

Sujal Patwardhan

International travel is the next big travel trend

Thursday October 04, 2018,

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Travelling has evolved from being a family activity to something to do with friends and in recent times, even solo. At the same time, travel has evolved from being an activity to it being a form of meditation.

Travel encompasses many things such as a trek, camping and road trips. Anything that is done where you have to physically travel, take a bus, train, aeroplane or drive is considered travel. Although these days travel has found a more sophisticated meaning which usually falls in the category of unwinding or replenishing city life with ‘a getaway’. There’s also a thought behind the travel where most ask - Why do I want to travel to this place? Or What do I want from this trip?

The essence of travel, which our holy books also highlight is to learn. Learn about the world, the ways of life, introspection and retrospection. This process may be achieved by involving various things that will awaken your senses and eventually your soul. With Embarq we awaken the soul by being closer to nature, experiencing the grandeur of the valleys, the smells, the air at the height of a mountain or on the thrill on the highways across borders.

In recent times, ‘unique experiences’ is what people are looking for. When there’s a family trip planned, one likes to have a unique experience where the elders in the family can experience world history and heritage. On the other hand, a trip with friends is full of adventure and new skills, be it bungee jumping, snorkelling or international cuisine cooking classes. Talking of food, street food tours and cuisine excursions are on the rise as well.

The world and India mainly, is opening up to a lot of experimental opportunities. We are expanding our travel horizons and looking for a great story not only to share on social media among friends put also keep in our treasure chests to be shared with the next generation that will set foot into the world that perhaps is more different than now because it is more fun to eat Spanish food in Spain than in the restaurants at home.

We’ve observed that our participants on these road trips around the world are always fascinated with the simplest of things. These things make any trip an enriching experience because it lends to the desire of having a unique experience. We are discovering in ourselves that there is travel beyond big city travel.

A detailed recce of the destination is core to all Embarq road-trips, offbeat routes, stays, food, places to visit are all hand-picked. Women prefer driving in the privacy of a car with their friends or family and yet feel safe and secure in a convoy. We have 3 to 4 solo women road-trippers in every trip who sign up to experience this new way of holidaying as well meet like-minded people.

This allowance for ‘new’ is also supported by the knowledge of the passport, currency and its reach. Most of us are learning that there is a world to explore that is as fascinating as our own. Many of us travel to places that are made popular - must-see islands before they disappear or before they become extinct you must see this, that and the other. These stories, thanks to social media are reaching to people and making them more ambitious to explore the world. We are now going to the Moon which is the next level in travel we suppose but until we all can afford that we are happily satisfied with northern lights and dead seas.

Most of the youth, especially women are also travelling solo. It has opened up gates for travellers to explore their own interests such as museums, trekking, skiing, snorkelling, diving, bungee jumping and crafts among others. Women on a large scale prefer driving in their privacy while enjoying the safe and secure convoy journey. We have 3 to 4 solo women road-trippers in every trip who sign up to experience this new way of holidaying as well meet like-minded people. Driving gives you the flexibility to take as many breaks. Stop & explore places on a route as per your convenience. Explore off-beat places which are not touristy and crowded.

Once you explore a place on wheels it is very difficult to just travel and go on a normal holiday. Overland journeys are so exiting and there is so much to explore, the melting cultures across countries, border crossing, overcoming language barriers, driving through some stunning landscapes. It is a soul searching experience.

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