Masterclasses that are not to be missed at TechSparks 2018

Masterclasses that are not to be missed at TechSparks 2018

Thursday October 04, 2018,

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A chance to network with movers and shakers from the industry. Check.

A chance to meet (many) investors at one go. Check.

An opportunity to crack a deal. Check.

That’s not all.

TechSparks’18 is also where you can directly learn from experts what are the trends and the technologies shaping the future.

We have an interesting line-up of workshops – from AI to Kubernetes, for all you tech enthusiasts to learn new ideas and approaches to improve efficiency. It’s also an opportunity for you to ask questions that your business has been struggling with for sometime now.

Here’s a quick look at the workshops we have at the moment. We are getting a few more SMEs onboard. Until then, here are details on some of these not-to-be missed masterclasses at TechSparks’18.

UX for engineers; Pro tips on how to delight your users with less and why that’s a good thing

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn from a company that has redefined innovation and design – SAMSUNG and its in-house expert Royi Benyossef, the ecosystem relations manager at Samsung NEXT TLV. Royi is an Android Google expert. He has significant experience as an Android evangelist on stages that include 4YFN/MWC, Google I/O, AppsWorld, DroidCon, CodeMotion, BABBQ and more. Royi will help you understand how storage, memory and network performance are key for a great UX and easy hacks to create a great UX; how push notifications can be leveraged as a great tool, but how overuse can be counter-productive; and how modern mobile SDKs help you gauge your users and provide them with what they need.

This masterclass will establish how a good user experience (UX) is as much dependent on engineers as much as designers.

6 ways in which AI is transforming data-driven marketing

Pradyut V Hande and Kedar Parikh, two data-driven marketing experts will take you through how AI can deliver personalised customer experiences at scale. The workshop will provide answers on topics such as how AI helps answer pivotal challenges faced by modern marketers across both web and app platforms, why AI is a critical component of marketing strategy today, how AI can help marketers deliver personalised customer experiences at scale and more. Pradyut V Hande is a Senior Growth Marketer, Product Evangelist, Mobile Growth Expert, Digital Marketing Strategist, and Author. He has led start-ups and MNCs across the B2B SaaS, Consulting, and Banking industries and currently serves as a Senior Growth Marketer & Product Evangelist at Smartech. Kedar Parikh is a Product Architect at Smartech, striving to build the world's best customer analytics and engagement platform.

Building your applications for scale on Kubernetes

In this masterclass, you will get to explore the good and the bad of Kubernetes. Experts will deliberate on why developers should care about this technology and also delve deeper into the benefits, challenges and future of Kubernetes and related technologies. The workshop is being led by Vishal Biyani and Vivek Sridhar, engineers who have worked extensively on Kubernetes. Vishal is the CTO of InfraCloud Technologies and a Google Developer Expert who takes the lead in organising the Pune Kubernetes and CNCF meetup and Pune Serverless meetup every month. Vivek Sridhar is a Developer Advocate with DigitalOcean and a Technology Advisor to several tech startups.

NextGen of Google Cloud: Data Processing & ML with SQL, you will learn

In this hardcore technical session you will learn how data processing has changed from an on-premise, batch-focused Hadoop-based analytical system, to a streaming-oriented analytics pipeline hosted in a cloud environment utilising Apache Beam. The SME will also share details on how you can apply machine learning techniques with SQL language extensions even without having a strong data science background.

The masterclass is being led by Rishi Singhal, a customer engineer who has contributed extensively to building Google Cloud Platform (GCP) –a product that is today powering extensive ML projects around the globe. Rishi has done startup consulting in Transport, Healthcare & Stock Trading.

Tech masterclass by Dell

Xavier Kuriyan, Director of Enterprise Solution and Alliances at Dell EMC, has over 16 years’ industry experience. At Dell, Xavier is the owner for key growth verticals including Bid-Data, Cloud, HPC and VDI among others.

The awesome lineup of speakers, covering government, Unicorn startup founders entrepreneurs, investors, industry leaders, is definitely oh-awesome as it always has been at TechSparks for nine years! And, these workshops add to the awesomeness of what the event stands for.

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Find the complete agenda for the event here.