[Jobs Roundup] Best data science jobs up for grabs

Anish M
26th Dec 2018
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Data science is one of the hottest sectors around the world as many companies are trying to leverage the full potential of data at their disposal. Every HR manager is hunting for a data scientist and this presents an amazing pool of opportunity!

data science

This week, the jobs roundup will be a little different, rather than focusing on a few companies. we will look at the best Data-Science jobs around the country.

Data Science Analyst at Accenture

Your role will include building and maintaining data science assets that differentiate Accenture Research in the market (apps, interactive visualisations, etc.). You will also be helping to develop and write research proposals and market and sell the capability to clients internally.

Furthermore, you will be a part of the team that will collaborate in raising awareness and understanding of data science research tools and outputs in Accenture and Accenture Research (text analytics, sentiment analysis, data-wrangling, machine learning, web-scraping). Click here for more info.

Data Scientist at Bounce

Candidates with 3-5+ years of experience in Data Science/Machine Learning are expected.

Familiarity with a broad set of modelling techniques; aptitude in mathematics, probability, algorithms, experimental methods and hypothesis testing are key to the position.

In this position, you are expected to collaborate with teams across the organisation regarding business problem formulation, solution architecture, production integration

Knowledge/ Skill requirements

  • Knowledge of data query and ETL operations in SQL/Pig/Hive
  • Hands-on programming/implementation ability in R/Python/Java

Click here for more info.

Senior Data Scientist at GrabonRent

GrabonRent is looking for a talented, driven, self-directed data scientist to help them extract meaning from large volumes of data to facilitate better and more insightful business decisions. The models you build will help create significant customer and business value. If you want to operate at a startup speed and watch up close as your solutions create significant customer and business value, GrabOnRent is the place for you. This is a unique opportunity to play a key role in a fast-growing business.

Your job responsibilities will include

  • Scope, design and implement data analyses with the appropriate statistical/modern machine learning approach (factor analyses, regressions, classification, segmentation)
  • Integrate and mine large data sets, connecting data from disparate sources to identify insights and patterns using traditional as well as predictive analytics.
  • Perform deep-dives to find the root causes behind variances of key parameters over a given time-period.

Click here for more Info.

Junior Data Scientist at Credy

The candidates are expected to have a Bachelor’s in Engineering, 1-4 years of experience and a year of analytics experience with strong analytical/logical thinking skill. Other mandatory skills include

  • Proficiency in MS Excel
  • Excellent analytical skills and a strong sense of structure and logic
  • Ability to develop, test and validate hypotheses
  • Strong working experience in VBA/SAS scripting
  • Basic programming experience, preferably in Python/R
  • Knowledge of Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Clustering, Time Series Forecasting, etc
  • Knowledge of SAS / SPSS or other data mining tools
  • Excellent understanding of SQL databases, experience in writing SQL queries.

In the position, your roles will include formulating the analytical framework for analyses, modelling and validating data by selecting the most appropriate statistical technique, creating frameworks for retrieving and visualising data, drawing actionable insights from the conducted analysis, presenting analysis findings through Excel and designing and performing key analytics tasks. Click here to know more.

Principal Data Scientist at Flipkart

The data science team at Flipkart is going forward with the mission of building systemic intelligence across products and the ecosystem. Being the largest ecommerce marketplace and the most used ecommerce app in India exposes them to a lot of data about the Indian consumer.

At Flipkart, data scientists are embedded in the engineering and product team for the problem they are working on. This ensures that the data science solutions are envisioned along with product delivery.

Eligibility: B.Tech/M.Tech/PhD in CS/Statistics with demonstrated experience in ML/Statistics through papers/projects. Click here for more.

Chief Product Manager – Data Sciences at Swiggy

The Chief Product Manager (Technical) is a unique leadership role that will interface with business, product managers, data scientists and engineers in bringing together and executing on this AI transformation for Swiggy. As the Chief Product Manager for the Swiggy AI team, you will work with business and product teams to identify, evaluate and prioritise the AI roadmap for Swiggy.

Preferred qualification-

  • Post-graduate degree with a specialisation in either Computer Science, Math, Statistics or a related field.
  • 10+ years of experience in a technology role
  • Hands on experience leading AI/ML projects from business idea to implementation

Key requirements –

  • Hands on experience with AI/ML model development, from initial product requirements through analysis of results post-launch.
  • Ability to write SQL and analyses data independently. Ability to understand business metrics and work with analysts to instrument and measure the impact of ML models on business metrics.
  • Hands-on technical product management experience, especially building platform products. Ability to extract platform needs from business requirements. Click here to know more.

Lead Data Engineer at Saltside

Saltside is looking for an experienced data engineer to join their team and help build analytics infrastructure, which supports the ecommerce application used by millions of people every day and provides greater insights for management, marketing and local teams.

You will play an important role in their data engineering practice, creating the infrastructure, integrating with third-party libraries, developing the analytics platform and in data science implementation for automating manual processes and providing recommendations.

Your key responsibilities will include

  • Responsible for developing, coding, testing and debugging solution related to our data solutions
  • Develop, enhance and maintain the data pipeline - ingestion, transformation, storage, analysis and visualisation using a combination of open source and paid technology tools.
  • Automating data solutions for reporting KPI, trends, etc

Some of the key skill-requirements include

  • You’ve 6+ years of years of experience in a professional environment performing analysis, design and development tasks in distributed systems preferably in an ecommerce domain.
  • You’ve built large-scale data pipelines, which process millions of events per day and has experience in Java and SQL.

Click here to know more.

Principal Data Scientist at Myntra

As a data scientist, you will have the opportunity to leverage Myntra’s rich data to develop data products that are used by millions of users and propel the growth of our business in one of the biggest fast-growing emerging markets: India. You will collaborate with a strong team of engineers, product managers and fellow data scientists in defining the frontier of data products.

Data scientists will work on how to evaluate potential approaches, build features, statistical/machine learning models and determine metrics. You will communicate insights/recommendations to a wide spectrum of stakeholders across the company.

Some of the key skill-requirements include

  • Advanced degree in the quantitative field of Engineering/Computer Science/Mathematics preferred.
  • 5+ years industry experience developing machine learning models at scale from inception to business impact.
  • Deep understanding of modern machine learning techniques and their mathematicalunderpinnings such as deep learning, classification, recommendation systems, and natural language processing.

Click here for more info.


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