From tea time with Mapmygenome’s Anu Acharya to building the ultimate holiday wardrobe - your weekend fix!

From tea time with Mapmygenome’s Anu Acharya to building the ultimate holiday wardrobe - your weekend fix!

Sunday December 09, 2018,

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It’s tea time! Anu Acharya, Founder and CEO of Mapmygenome, has a tea for every mood. A WEF Young Global Leader and a trailblazer in the industry, Anu is just as nerdy about tea as she is about genomics. Over the years, she has experimented with different kinds of tea, studies their properties and effects, and has perfected her understanding of various types of tea. Apart from tea, Anu likes poetry, experimental cooking, cycling, photography and reading.

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Working alone is the new normal

Introverts, line up! Once upon a time, you to be extroverts to be successful. For ages, people who are bold and audacious, who thrilled crowds with their oration skills, collaborated and worked in teams were the best. But, times have changed now, and working alone is the new normal. Today, experts say introversion and qualities of introverts like being intense, nerdy and quiet are what makes us creative.

Entrepreneurship - the Vikram Vetal way

This week, we will discuss the concepts of organisational behaviour of an entrepreneur based on the legend of Vikram and Vetal. One of the most powerful tales that children have grown up on, this duo is infamous. Now, our columnists will, in a fun way, use these tales to teach basic concepts in organisation behaviour, which will help founders transition from entrepreneur to leader.

What should be on your Christmas menu this year?

Before you know it, Christmas festivities will be upon us. Three things define this holiday season: Amazon, shopping and the economy. Our columnist describes the different Christmas foods he enjoyed as an innocent little boy who still believed in Santa, to as an adult as he travels the world. Right from plum pudding, duck giblets mushroom ragout, prawn cocktails to rich ginger cakes, it has been a feast for the senses and a joy to the heart.

Who are Ally Matthan’s heroes?

Entrepreneur Ally Matthan turns her passions into business enterprises. She began with fragrances with Areev. Now she has turned to textiles, textile art and history into The Registry of Sarees – the only resource and study centre for textiles in South India. In her Proust questionnaire, Ally talks about her loves, her heroes, her regrets, her aspirations and much more.

What are you wearing this Christmas?

Wondering how to upgrade your holiday wardrobe? Here are some tips from The Monkey Brain’s Co-founder, Vijayta M Ratusaria. Whether it is owning your look in a maxi dress, or enhancing your simple outfit with statement jewellery, we have you covered for what to wear to this year’s Christmas party. She offers fashion tips for the season and much more.

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