Why e-learning is the hottest industry to work in

Why e-learning is the hottest industry to work in

Tuesday February 05, 2019,

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If you wish to make a deeper impact, test new waters and learn while imparting knowledge, then e-learning may be for you.

E-learning has changed the dynamics of learning and has come to the rescue of many learners. The number of students enrolling for e-learning has multiplied and so has the need to hire more people who could work in this sector. However, despite the opportunities it offers, there are still only a few takers for choosing a career in e-learning.

Before we delve further, let us go through the story of Kriti, a Subject Matter Expert (SME) with an e-learning platform.

Kriti graduated in 2010 as a Computer Science engineer. She had in-depth knowledge about her subject but wasn’t sure about what to do next. After a couple of interviews, she joined a startup as a full-time web developer. After working there for two years, she wanted to try something new, so she joined another organisation and started working on artificial intelligence. Though she liked the work, she still wasn’t sure if it was her true calling. She wanted to make an impact on people’s lives and impart the knowledge she had gained through her professional journey. A friend of hers told her about an opportunity to work with an e-learning platform. She went through the job description and found it interesting and realized it was the perfect medium through which she could share the knowledge she had acquired over the years. She gave the interview and was selected as an SME. She has been working with the platform for the past four years, and thoroughly enjoys her work.

Could you think about what made the difference in Kriti’s professional journey? Well, firstly, she was able to do something that she always wanted to do - share all that she had learned with people in an easy and effective manner. Secondly, she got an opportunity to impact someone’s professional and academic career. It wasn’t that she always knew it was her true calling but, rather, the void e-learning filled in her life that helped her realise it.

To help you understand how working in the e-learning industry can make a difference, let us discuss what makes it truly stand out.

Make learning easy:

Over the course of time, learning has been made easier via online learning. It helps a user understand the concept with the help of text, audio and visual elements. It also helps the user retain the information for a longer duration as compared to conventional learning. According to a report by KPMG and Google, users are spread across the age group five years to over 50. However, the objective for the user varies - from getting private coaching to test preparation, from reskilling and online certifications to corporate training and learning a new skill as a hobby. Given that it simplifies learning for a broad age group of users, as a part of the e-learning segment, it is a perfect opportunity for you to share the knowledge you have acquired and help in developing and promoting content to make learning easy for everyone.

Be a part of change:

All of us at some point have realised that the information being taught in a classroom is obsolete or irrelevant, but more so often, we are not able to do anything about it. According to the same KPMG report, India has witnessed a significant increase in the total internet user population from 2011 to 2016 and it is expected to grow to 735 million users approximately by 2021. The e-learning sector in India is expected to grow to $1.96 billion over the next five years. The industry is booming, and various companies have ventured in this segment to offer affordable and impactful learning to the user. Being a part of the e-learning industry, there is an opportunity for you to change the curriculum, keep it up to date, and help the user make the most during the duration of the training.

Competitive remuneration:

Every e-learning platform wants to ensure that the team handling the content or marketing for the training is on par with other platforms. Hence, they are eager to hire the best. With various content development roles and technical roles, there are myriads of opportunities to pursue. So, their need to hire the best translates to an exciting annual package for the recruits.

There has been a substantial growth in the e-learning sector in the last decade and has made learning easier for millions of users. It offers affordability, convenience, and helps the user be up to date with the latest technologies. It is a flourishing sector and holds a lot of opportunities for people in different verticals. If you wish to make a deeper impact, test new waters and learn while imparting knowledge, then e-learning is a viable option for you to consider.

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