Microsoft warns against using IE, top trends shaping Indian fintech in 2019

Microsoft warns against using IE, top trends shaping Indian fintech in 2019

Tuesday February 19, 2019,

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Internet Explorer, the once popular web browser among netizens, is dying a slow and gradual death. The irony is that even Microsoft wouldn’t salvage it from the wreck. The reason is simple. The web browser has not been updated to support new web standards, and continuing to use it could have security implications. Microsoft’s cybersecurity lead Chris Jackson warned about the perils himself, explaining that using IE is equal to making “a deliberate decision to take on some technical debt.”

Indian fintech in 2019: A quick look at the top trends

The year 2018 was a big one for the Indian financial technology and financial services ecosystem. With $2.34 billion being raised across 145 deals, fintech finally unseated ecommerce from the top of the list after years of dominance. Now, midway through the first quarter of 2019, analysts and industry players are looking at the top trends that will rule the future of Indian fintech. These include ‘payment ecosystem coming under the ambit of the RBI’, ‘voice and vernacular emerging as the next frontier’, and ‘birth of a ‘unicorn’ in the SME financing sector.

Inside the one-year run of Bengaluru-based Happy Milk

In India, milk is synonymous with good health. But every Indian knows that dairy is India is often tainted. Concerned, a father-daughter duo decided to take the bull by the horns. In December 2017, Vivek and Mehal Kejriwal set up Happy Milk to take care of all your dairy requirements. The Bengaluru-based startup at present delivers a range of organic dairy products, including milk, curd, ghee and paneer, sourced from cows fed on organic feed and in glass/clay packaging.

All about NextWealth Entrepreneurs, which is creating job opportunities in small cities

The lack of employment opportunities in smaller towns and cities often forces graduates to either move to IT hubs, or stay home and take up jobs that don’t match their skill set. Three former Wipro employees came face-to-face with this reality when they visited an engineering college in Salem, Tamil Nadu. They realised they needed to take the jobs to smaller towns. This led to the inception of NextWealth Entrepreneurs, which is creating job opportunities in small cities by executing IT and BPO services at delivery centres run by local entrepreneurs. 

NextWealth founders

Streamoid’s AI stylist is here to take care of all your fashion woes

A stylist who can understand and predict your preferences, take into account external factors such as the weather in the city you live in, and help you make more informed fashion choices. A stylist you can even carry around in your purse or pocket. These are some of the features of the AI stylist designed by Streamoid, a Bengaluru-based startup. Led by Sridhar Manthani and Rajesh Kumar, the company was founded in 2013. Streamoid uses AI across the value chain in a number of flagship products and solutions for the fashion and retail industry. 

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