VR, Continuous Delivery, the science of design: Choose from a wide and interesting range of topics to learn at Future of Work. Register for the workshops today

VR, Continuous Delivery, the science of design: Choose from a wide and interesting range of topics to learn at Future of Work. Register for the workshops today

Wednesday February 06, 2019,

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With our ‘to do’ lists growing longer every passing week, finding the time to learn new skills or technologies is becoming difficult.

This is where tech workshops are a great and convenient learning opportunity. At Future of Work, YourStory’s flagship tech conference, there are ample opportunities to discover what’s new and trending in the world of tech.

From deep tech pockets such as Continuous Delivery to Virtual Reality, to the science of design, the topics are diverse, relevant and engaging.

Why you should attend Future of Work workshops?

YourStory has been an integral part of the startup ecosystem for over a decade and been the driving force behind TechSparks, India’s biggest and most popular entrepreneurial summit for nine years. The inaugural edition of Future of Work in 2018 proved to be immensely successful and this year too the workshops at Future of Work 2019 have been curated to meet the needs of tech professionals in the ecosystem.

Not only are these workshops a quick and engaging way to learn something new or enhance your understanding of topics you are familiar with, they also explore topics that are trending and future-facing, give a glimpse into ground-breaking tech.

Here’s a quick run through of all the workshops taking place at the 2nd edition of Future of Work on February 9 in Bengaluru.

Continuous Delivery: Move Fast and Don't Break Things

Today, Continuous Delivery with Application Release Automation (CDRA) tools offer a scripting-free, automated experience, making it easier to rapidly and repeatedly bring feature improvements to market and accelerating time-to-market. With Continuous Delivery, it is also easy to integrate with a wide array of test automation tools, create dynamic environments on cloud during various stages of deployment, get visibility into the status of all pipelines and environments in development, QA and production and achieve near zero-downtime capabilities in production. That said, it is not without its share of challenges and complexities.

At this workshop led by Vikas Naiyar, Principal Engineer, and Pranjal Kumar, Staff Software Engineer at Harness, you will learn how to build your complex CD pipeline quickly and do continuous verification of your deployments using Machine Learning, manage intelligent monitoring, and related such tasks. If you are a software engineer who is looking to do more than just write code, someone who wants to see the immediate impact of their code changes or a DevOps Engineer looking to significantly reduce time-to-market without the risk of production downtime, don’t miss this workshop.

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Impact of technology on creative expressions using illustration

People today want to associate with brands/ technologies that connect strongly to their philosophy and value system, and appeal to their creative expression. And, Ranganath Krishnamani, Creative Director at Liquidink Design, and an experienced designer who has worked with the likes of Red Bus and Adobe in key roles, will share insights on how brands can develop a unique visual style of expression. He will also respond to some of the most asked questions on approach, style, colours, and what goes into building a cohesive experience.

The core idea of the workshop is to showcase how the worlds of illustration and technology can be brought together so that brands can tell compelling stories of their products or services, making it a relevant topic for any entrepreneur.

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Building Voice Augmented eXperiences(VAX) for Apps

Led by Kumar Rangarajan, Co-Founder of Slang Labs (also, former Co-Founder of Little Eye Labs, a startup acquired by Facebook), Ved Mathai, Data Engineer at Slang Labs and Vinayak Jhunjhunwala, Community and Product Manager at Slang Labs, the workshop will explain the fundamentals of designing and implementing Voice Augmented eXperiences(VAX) in mobile apps, how VAX is different from building actions/skills for popular voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant and how this next generational User eXperience can reduce drop-offs, help in gaining new users, and allows easy information retrieval.

If you are a mobile app developer, UI/UX designer, product manager looking for ways to increase the app’s growth and reduce existing customer frictions, or someone who wants to understand futuristic use-cases driving the app ecosystem, then don’t miss this workshop. It will shed light on a technology that not many know or talk about.

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Running infrastructure on Hashistack

Get hands-on experience to create and manage infrastructure by implementing state-of-the-art concepts such as resource scheduling, resource management, service discovery, dynamic secrets and self-healing using open-source tools built by HashiCorp. The workshop will focus on HashiCorp’s set of tools – Nomad, Consul, Vault –which are based on the Unix philosophy where they are built for one purpose and can be orchestrated to work together.

The workshop is being led by two Kubernetes experts from ThoughtWorks who have been involved in running a customer-facing application on Kubernetes clusters. The speakers for this session are Aswin Karthik S, a full-stack application developer with specialization in DevOps practices, Infrastructure, and Deployment automation and Nithya N, a full stack Application Developer, who has predominantly worked in re-architecture and re-designing of existing systems.

If you are a developer or a system administrator practicing DevOps, then this workshop is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn more about Hashistack.

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Developing VR/AR Applications For Enterprises: Lessons Learned

Be it creating immersive narratives that not only educate customers about the product but also wow them and enable brand recall or enabling quick customer decisions which can boost sales, today Virtual Reality is a key component of a number of business plans. And, sharing their experience of what they learnt while developing VR and AR applications for enterprises is AutoVRse, a startup that builds VR products for the automotive industry.

Adarsh Muthappa, Co-Founder, and Karthik Bharadhwaj, Head of Design at AutoVRse, will take you through topics ranging from the right time to get into VR and AR and what the future holds for these technologies, their startup story and what it is like working with enterprises. They will also share tips on designing 3D environments, VR in game development, demos on Oculus Medium, Gravity Sketch, the IFB dishwasher and more.

This futuristic workshop is definitely one that should not be missed.

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How to Scale - Product features and Tech - Lessons learnt from Government, startups and enterprises .

Whether it is the first user or the millionth user, an app should be able to offer a seamless experience to everyone, irrespective of user load. An additional challenge here is that as the business grows and the market evolves, the app gets loaded with more features.

After a proof of concept, when an application goes live, it has to be equipped to scale vertically and horizontally. Fortunately, today there are a number of open source technology platforms that enable organisations to do this. In this workshop led by Naushad Vali, Co-Founder and CTO - Techl33t and Suvradeep Saha, CEO, Techl33t, you will get to deep dive into the know-how of scaling up an app both from the perspective of product features as well as the core tech components. The duo will showcase three use cases - an app built for the government which was not only a large app in itself but also was aggregating information from other apps, an app that was used by non tech-savvy users and blue-collared workers in the logistics industry and a search engine accessed by millions of users.

And, that’s what we have in store for you in this edition of Future of Work.

So sign up for the workshops, learn new things, sharpen your skills, build professional connections, and much more!

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