The world record-holding egg cracked and hatched a global mental health resource

The world record-holding egg cracked and hatched a global mental health resource

Thursday February 07, 2019,

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After garnering a record-breaking 50 million likes on Instagram, the world record-holding egg cracked wide open, with a rather unexpected message for all.


If you have been on social media at all in the past month, there’s a high chance you saw the ‘world record egg’. The stock photo of a simple, orange freckled egg dethroned US celebrity Kylie Jenner’s post and became the most liked post on Instagram.

Now, a month later, the egg has finally cracked. Quite literally. On January 19, the egg’s account manager(s) posted a picture of the first crack appearing on the egg.

Over the next few days, more and more cracks started to appear. And then, on February 3, the case was solved. Or, rather, cracked wide open.

But not in a way anyone would have thought of. As one user commented, “Tbh (to be honest), I wasn’t expecting that.” 

And then the egg itself explained how it had begun to crack, saying, “The pressure of social media is getting to me.”

Fair enough. But there’s more.

It then suggests that anyone who is struggling with stress should talk to someone. Before you start feeling bad for it, the egg does put itself back together - and smiles. And a URL appears linking to mental health organisations in various countries.

We live in a time when social media has become both the cause and solution to mental health issues. On one hand, we have the trolls and the bigots - shaming, insulting, and belittling every one possible. On the other hand, we have as many wholesome people encouraging others to speak up about their experience with mental health problems.

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Mental health in India

It is quite heartening to see this much clout used for a good cause. The egg’s website lists 50 organisations from 20 countries and two global resources. And guess what? Three of India’s resources made it to the list as well.

The Live Love Laugh Foundation (TLLF) - As famous as its founder, Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone, TLLF aims to champion the cause of mental health in India, with a focus on depression. It has programmes for students, teachers and general practitioners, a helpline and a list of therapists across the country. Deepika has been very vocal about battling depression herself.

Aasra - Described as a ‘crisis intervention’ centre for the ‘lonely, distressed and suicidal’, Aasra was started in 1998. It aims to help prevent and manage mental illness with care and support. It is a part of the Befrienders Worldwide under the Samaritans service. Based in the UK, the Samaritans was founded by Rev. Chad Varah in 1953. He started a ‘listening service’ after reading a sermon at the grave of a 13-year-old girl who took her own life thinking she was "unclean" and bled to death. Aasra has a 24x7 helpline and various support groups. It also conducts workshops on body language, coping skills and even conflict resolution. 


It’s Ok To Talk - An initiative by PRIDE, Sangath, and Harvard Medical School, this is supported by the Wellcome Trust of the UK. It is a space for young people to share their experiences of mental health, mental illness and wellbeing. A community-based project, it works with individual volunteers and partner organisations. The website also lists several useful helplines and online apps that could be of help.

If you’re under pressure and you can feel cracking, you are not alone. The egg is right - talk to someone. 

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