WATCH: How this Bengaluru-based startup is helping businesses amplify their sales by 5x

Bengaluru-based Sales5X aims to help businesses increase their sales by 5x by empowering and equipping salespeople with modern selling techniques.

WATCH: How this Bengaluru-based startup is helping businesses amplify their sales by 5x

Monday August 05, 2019,

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Sales translate into revenue, and revenue covers expenses. It’s extremely important for startups and founders to focus on sales to create operational stability, attract talent, and scale the business. So how does one consistently grow sales, and - consequently – the startup?

Bengaluru-based Sales5X aims to help businesses “increase their sales by empowering and equipping salespeople” with modern selling techniques. 

Founded by Joseph Dass and Anmol Garg, this sales, training, and consulting organisation has one mission: to amplify your sales by 5x.

In an exclusive interview with YourStory, the founders of Sales5X shared some interesting tips for entrepreneurs to boost their sales. These are of great importance in today’s rapidly changing sales industry. 

The seed for the startup was sown five years back when the duo first met through a public speaking platform and immediately bonded.

Joseph is a sales professional with experience of over 25 years. Having previously worked with Eureka Forbes and Samsung, his expertise lies in designing and setting up sales processes for companies, helping sales teams improve their close rate, reducing their sales cycle time, and motivating them.  

Anmol is a sales strategist with a background in computer science; he also consults with growing businesses and startups on building winning sales strategies. 

Together, they help startups and SMEs increase their sales through six to 12 months of training and development. Sales5X follows a two-pronged approach, using online courses and in-person training. 

Sales 5x

Sales 5x founders, Joseph Dass and Anmol Garg

The startup focuses on interaction and engagement, which they believe “is the best way to learn”. The founders give high priority to activity-based learning rather than theoretical aspects. While the first part of their three-step process is on how to create a sales script, the next two processes are practical - making their clients pitch to them, followed by a customer.

Sales5X then analyses these pitches and offers personalised feedback. The startup is currently bootstrapped and does not wish to reveal its annual revenue.  

According to Sales5X, when a startup is just getting off of the ground, it is very beneficial for entrepreneurs themselves to do sales, even if they don’t come from a sales background. The three Cs required for sales, they believe, are “Confidence, Communication, and Courage”.

(Edited by Teja Lele Desai)