How CropIn uses AWS to digitise their farms and farmers


CropIn Technology is a leading 'Full-Stack AgTech' organisation providing smart SaaS-based solutions to agribusinesses globally, to maximise productivity. "We're trying to help organisations map the supply chain, and increase the productivity level of the farmer," says Krishna Kumar, Founder & CEO, CropIn Technology.

One of the several solutions that CropIn provides to the agricultural ecosystem is the Farm Management Solution. "The fundamental aspect is the digitisation of the farm and farmer. We have a robust predictive solution which uses AI/ML to predict what is growing and where it is growing," says Jithesh Shah, Chief Revenue Officer, CropIn Technology.

With a presence across 41 countries, they train their data on 0.2 trillion data points which grows at 67 million data points a day, so there's a huge pipeline they run on AWS. "When we started, we deployed on elastic load balancing which was easy to use and has given us certain performance guarantees that we wanted. Over time, the number of customers, use cases and products has grown, so we are leveraging other services and solutions from AWS," adds Vijaysarathi Kallam, VP - Engineering, CropIn Technology.

AWS provides data security and auditability across products like AWS Lambda, Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Elastic Container Service, Amazon Kinesis and Amazon Athena. Today, they have successfully helped 2.1 million farmers digitise their farmlands across 5 million acres, and work with close to 200 enterprises and government institutions across 35 countries. They have also digitised 265 crops and 3,500 varieties.

Watch how AWS solutions catered to the critical agricultural requirements of CropIn and helped them manage their huge data more efficiently.


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