Can a single solution help you leverage your data to the maximum?

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As the world around us is constantly evolving, everyone wants to be a disruptor. Here are some trends that are driving disruption:

  • Data explosion: By 2020, data will reach 44ZB, four times of what it is today both in terms of variety and velocity.
  • Investment in Cloud: Four out of every five companies invest in public cloud technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence: In 2019, alone the overall investment in artificial intelligence has increased 300 percent.

Put together, these three hold the key to true business transformation. Nevertheless, there are some companies that are still holding back when it comes to capitalising on data growth. Their main constraints are:

  • Existence of data in silos: In an organisation, data is stored across various databases both internal and external. But harnessing this data is difficult and costly, and connecting this data in ways that drives deeper insights poses even greater challenges.
  • Incongruent data types: Different applications have different data formats and bringing these formats together in a way where companies can leverage varietal data sources to derive rich insights is highly complex.
  • Performance constraints: As traditional on-premises systems reach capacity, it becomes difficult for customers to make strategic decisions about how to scale in a cost-effective manner.
  • Complexity of solutions: Over time, companies have adopted diverse products or solutions for specific business needs which require varying skill sets to use them. It becomes challenging to skill up and scale these offerings so that the whole company can use them cohesively.
  • Rising costs. Scaling up and adding hardware, paying for multiple toolsets that have some overlapping capabilities but lacking the scale, or ubiquity to do more than a purpose driven task well, and hiring resources with the specific skills needed all add up to increasing costs.

Is there a one-stop solution to address all these challenges and enable businesses to derive real value from data effectively? The answer is: yes. Microsoft’s Azure, a comprehensive cloud scale analytics solution, with services ranging from data ingestion to storage to data warehousing to machine learning and BI.

Why Azure?

  • One Integrated platform for all data: Azure can help connect a variety of data sources, external and internal, ingest all this data and help derive insights from these.
  • Data DNA: Microsoft has a deep understanding of databases, analytics and intelligence embedded in its DNA since it has been building these for over 30 years, and has transformed itself from an on-premise world to the largest cloud provider with most comprehensive solutions.
  • Extensive experience in managing variety of data: Azure is the only platform which provides an integrated platform and has a comprehensive toolkit for managing varieties of data at hyperscale.
  • Unlimited data scale: Not only can Azure process diverse types of data, it can do so at scale, without constraints typically associated with existing on-premise solutions.
  • Familiar tools and ecosystem: Microsoft’s offerings provide familiar (1st party or Open Source) tools and ecosystem to help you leverage your investment quickly.

Other benefits include a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), rich visualisations for improved BI and reporting, more advanced analytics leading to more personalized customer experiences, and access to real-time data for better business outcomes (for example, predictive maintenance).

With the volume and complexity of data rapidly increasing, performance and security are critical requirements for analytics. Azure provides a comprehensive set of analytics services which have been finely tuned to provide industry-leading performance, security and ease of use, at unmatched value.

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