FLAME University calls for greater collaboration to equip India’s job demand needs at its conference on ‘High Impact Entrepreneurship and Innovation’

“Businesses and startups that need a 10X growth over the next three to five years cannot think and operate the way they have been operating so far. To create a strong impact, people need to be equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset and skillset, more than ever before” said Darshan Doshi, Director of FLAME University’s Centre for Entrepreneurship during the inaugural address of the day-long conference on ‘High Impact Entrepreneurship and Innovation’ organised by FLAME University in Pune earlier last week.

The conference saw participation from innovators, educators, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts from different sectors sharing their perspectives on subjects like entrepreneurial education in India, startups, venture capital and building unicorns. The conference saw the launch of the Centre’s most-awaited one-year Postgraduate Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (PGPEI) designed to support aspiring entrepreneurs and family business owners who are seeking to scale their business ventures.

Collaboration over competition

“In the next few years, India will see an exponential rise in the number of youth. While this is a big opportunity, it will also create challenges. India will need to create 300 million jobs for this new demographic. So, it is important not to just get jobs but also teach this young population to create jobs,” said Dishan Kamdar, Vice Chancellor, FLAME University talking about the relevance of high impact entrepreneurship in his welcome address.

In his talk he also highlighted how FLAME University has been shouldering this responsibility through its various initiatives, such as the FLAME Center for Entrepreneurship and its FLAME Origins Program.

Talking about the launch of FLAME’s newest initiative, the PGPEI, he shared, “I strongly believe other institutes should also look into a programme like PGPEI and explore the possibilities of working symbiotically. As an organisation, we have always believed in the power of collaboration.”

A framework to support those who aspire to launch and grow a business

The event also gave a brief overview of the PGPEI curriculum. The course includes a combination of workshops by industry experts, experienced entrepreneurs and investors; global and local startup immersions in Boston (USA), Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hubli; and hands-on experience of growing or launching a business. 

“The program is suited for next generation family business owners, individuals, or even corporate intrapreneurs who want to build scalable businesses. The learning is not just experiential and contextual but also aligns to their individual needs, thereby making it impactful,” explained Darshan.

He added, “We are looking for hungry and determined individuals who are on a mission to improve the lives of millions of people.”

Monish Darda, Co-founder, and CTO, ICERTIS, was the keynote speaker and stated, "The ethos of a vibrant economy is deeply rooted in entrepreneurship and innovation. As India comes of age as a world power that influences the future of the world, it is critical that we nurture, protect and celebrate this ethos. Closer to home, Pune embodies all that is critical for the growth of India - the entrepreneur-friendly ecosystem, the inclusiveness, and the quality of education that the city provides. I am sure the entrepreneurship program that FLAME University has announced will enhance this ecosystem and create more entrepreneurs willing and eager to change the world."

Sharing success stories and learnings

The conference had panel discussions on interesting topics like creating high impact entrepreneurs, investing in high impact startups, entrepreneurship and innovation on campus, empowering women entrepreneurs, among others. Speakers at the panel discussion included Dr. Aravind Chinchure – Chief Mentor, FLAME University; Prasanna Krishnamoorthy – Founder, Upekkha; Sashi Chimala, an entrepreneur; Ravi Nigam – Founder, Tasty Bite; Sonia Agarwal Konjeti – Founder, PULA; Abhijit Gupta – Founder, Praxify; Sachin Oswal, an independent investor; Gireendra Kasmalkar – General Partner of Alacrity India; Vishwas Mahajan – Founder, Whizible; Dr. Bharat Damani – Chair Entrepreneurship, FLAME University; Advait Kurlekar – Founder, Upohan; Ashwini Deshpande – Founder, Elephant Design; Dr. Amarpreet Ghura – Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship, FLAME University; and Vineet Patni, an independent investor. FLAME University announced a formal partnership with TiE Pune to promote entrepreneurship across India. Additionally, five startups from the FLAME Origins Program pitched their startups to the audience. The conference concluded with a closing note by Dr. Dwarika Prasad Uniyal, Dean FLAME School of Business.

Making a big impact

FLAME University's Postgraduate Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (PGPEI) aims to create high impact entrepreneurs. The one-year full-time Postgraduate Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation supports entrepreneurs and family business owners through high potential opportunity identification to product development to customer acquisition and fundraising. The programme participants will receive opportunities to work on projects in startups, new venture creation and an international immersion at Babson College (USA). Interaction with established entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders is a core part of the program along with a platform to showcase new business ideas and progress made during the programme.

FLAME University has developed an unique model of creating the next generation of high impact innovators and entrepreneurs that takes participants through ‘Unlearn, Learn, Build and Lead’ modules to identify high impact opportunities and develop novel solutions. The curriculum is designed by renowned faculty, industry practitioners and innovation experts. Programme participants will get an opportunity to interact and learn from advisors and mentors such as Hari Menon, Rupen Jhaveri, Manish Chokhani, Saras D. Sarasvathy, Prasanna Krishnamoorthy, Dishan Kamdar, Darshan Doshi, Aravind Chinchure and more.

Applications are open for PGPEI. Last date to apply is April 5, 2020. Eligible students can also avail partial to full scholarships. Learn more: https://www.flame.edu.in/academics/pg/pgpei

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a family business leader who wants to launch or grow your business apply for the Postgraduate Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation now.


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