How Generation Z is reshaping the coworking culture

The new generation will play a decisive role in reshaping the workspace landscape in India. For Generation Z, work-life balance forms an integral part today and will be one of the most crucial elements going forward.

How Generation Z is reshaping the coworking culture

Monday March 16, 2020,

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The Generation Z has grown up in a world of smart devices that gives them ubiquitous connectivity and access to information across the globe at a quick voice command. These digital natives display unique, transformative consumption habits that have started to influence brands around the world.

Gen Z has an appetite for purpose and convenience and prefers opting for products or services at their own time and space. On the same lines, workspaces are evolving to become like any other on-demand platform such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, where the people are deciding how, where, and when they want to consume a product. The product is now being defined by their consumption.

Coworking Culture

According to research done by Business Insider Intelligence, Generation Z is more proactive, money-conscious, and pragmatic while demanding a fun and social environment that creates a huge rift in the way millennials prefer to apply their skills and work. This has necessitated the need for coworking space providers to introduce changes, suiting the needs and requirements of the newer generation.

While the 3 ‘COs’ of coworking—collaboration, community, and convenience—appeals to millennials, the Generation Z values another CO—consciousness. As a socially and environmentally conscious community, Generation Z is keenly in tune with the unfolding crisis of climate change. They value spaces that are sustainable and appreciate initiatives such as waste separation bins and energy-efficient spaces. 

The importance of wellbeing, flexibility, and choices

This generation is inclined to have a fun social space but not without the reinforcement of a positive culture, mental well-being, and flexibility for those who are working in these new spaces. There is a pertinent need to create a well-designed office space that supports communal growth and work ethics, which goes beyond a single category of population and is suitable for all the generations looking to make coworking their workspace of choice.

Tech facility at its best

Technology is a huge enabler for the Generation Z that boosts engagement and productivity to create a community of problem-solving workforce that is constantly innovating to create something new every day. Technology like AR/VR, AI, and many other contemporary introductions are essential for these workers to establish communication spanning continents and unlock the growth potential with every collaboration.

Ergonomic features

It is true that Generation Z is looking for more value-oriented workspaces but this does not negate the fact that they are equally invested in working in a vibrant office, complete with aesthetic designs and ergonomic features. They lay emphasis on horizontal hierarchy and easy accessibility to both people and facilities. For instance, with the rising awareness of climate change, this generation is not shying away from demanding eco-friendly aesthetics to adorn these spaces emphasising beautiful decor mixed with sustainability.

Privacy is a priority

This hardly comes as a surprise. Generation Z, unlike its predecessors, are not very oriented towards a completely open seating plan. This generation promotes a flat hierarchy but with boundaries of privacy and personal space. Keeping this in consideration coworking spaces are adopting and including spaces that are private, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Giving boost to the entrepreneurial spirit

This is something that Generation Z shares with the millennials. Both generations are heavily invested in creating the foundation for their entrepreneurial venture that will be based on the right networking and easy administrative operations. This will allow them to focus on the core strategy of their business. Community meets, easy facilities, and open spaces offered by these coworking spaces can support these entrepreneurs to lay the foundation for their enterprise.

A holistic solution

The new generation will play a decisive role in reshaping the workspace landscape in India. For Generation Z, work-life balance forms an integral part today and will be one of the most crucial elements going forward. Coworking spaces is a holistic solution providing them with the much-required supportive workspace environment, flexibility and add on amenities.

Generation Z already comprise a third of India’s population and their changing demands have started transforming businesses across industries specially coworking. It will be interesting to witness this unprecedented group full of entrepreneurial zest and innovation fervor pave way for the growth story of coworking in India.

(Edited by Evelyn Ratnakumar)

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