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Coronavirus: This startup has developed an app which helps process government e-passes in a matter of hours

In times of coronavirus, Clappia's platform helps make complex process apps as easy as Excel sheets, reducing time and cost – for the applicants and authorities.

Coronavirus: This startup has developed an app which helps process government e-passes in a matter of hours

Monday April 06, 2020 , 3 min Read

The nationwide lockdown, imposed in view of the coronavirus pandemic, caught many people unawares. Things changed overnight and people were in for a shock. 

People have to depend on government passes to be able to avail essential services. To apply for the passes, people throng district administration offices which increases the risk of the infection and it has become a nightmare for authorities to issue passes.  

Clappia, founded by two friends and batchmates from IIT Kharagpur, Ashutosh Kumar and Sarthak Jain, was approached by an IAS officer from a district in Assam to help develop e-passes. Clappia created an app within two days on its in-house Nocode platform. 


Founders of Clappia

The app was launched and so far it has processed thousands of e-passes. The officer introduced Clappia to more IAS friends and they too adopted the app immediately in their respective areas. The news reached railway authorities who too went for the app to get passes issued for their employees.

As of today, several railway zones, spanning across four to five states in the North-East. are using Clappia app.

Clappia features:

  1. Highly customisable.
  2. It can be rolled out in a few hours.
  3. Users just need to apply through their phone/desktop and upload all documents.
  4. Supports all local languages
  5. QR code-based passes are issued that can be scanned by the ground staff to check the validity.
  6. Officers can approve, reject, request more documents, add comments, etc. on the applications and the passes.
  7. Applicants get PDF copies of the passes that can be printed and shown to authorities while moving around. 
  8. Applicants get an SMS acknowledgement/rejection that has all the details.

Way forward

Currently, the startup is rolling out its app in more and more places. Clappia wants a wider adoption throughout India. 

“In these changing times, there are two important expectations from the software world - flexibility and speed. People are looking for customised apps to assist health workers and volunteers, and apps in local languages. The lockdown was announced with just a two-day advance notice and government departments started looking for quick apps like e-passes, live-tracking, and self-reporting. No-code platforms perfectly meet both these expectations,” says Sarthak Jain, Co-founder of Clappia.

More apps from Clappia

Clappia is a generic Nocode platform offering other apps too. NGOs are using Clappia apps to collect the details (including GPS) of the people who need any kind of help in any part of India.

“Nocode platforms like Clappia rely on the fact that 70 to 80 percent of the software development processes are very similar. If we provide customised and visual building blocks to fill the remaining gap, the whole software development process becomes a cakewalk, saving a lot of time and money. E-passes definitely help people in a big way,” says Ashutosh Kumar, Co-founder of Clappia

(Edited by Javed Gaihlot)