Five tips for entrepreneurs to stay motivated

Here are ways an entrepreneur can keep stress at bay and remain calm and focused through the many hurdles and obstacles that are part of their journey.

Five tips for entrepreneurs to stay motivated

Wednesday April 01, 2020,

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Entrepreneur Motivation

Building an entire empire from the germ of an idea is no easy task. Entrepreneurs need to invest their time, energy, resources, and much more, to breathe life into their vision, working tirelessly to build their dream company. How does one keep stress at bay and remain calm and focused through the many hurdles and obstacles that are part of his/her journey? How does one stay motivated to not lose the end goal and give up?

Here are five tips that will help entrepreneurs stay motivated and on track:

1. Don’t forget, you’re living your dream

Most entrepreneurs start off being passionate about their ideas and vision. They are pumped up about taking their business off the ground and the results it will bring. However, as they get into the rigmarole of putting in place internal systems, procedures and practices, they might lose some of that steam and focus.

To avoid going into that negative space, an entrepreneur must always remember that he is living his dream and doing what he loves best. He must consciously enjoy and learn from every step of his journey —the good and the bad — keeping in mind two things: his end goal and the fact that every step he takes is one step closer to turning his dream into a reality.

2. Focus on the now

An entrepreneur must not only have a long-term strategy but also a short-term plan that takes into account any unexpected twists and turns. Some entrepreneurs can make the mistake of being so caught up with gaining quick results and instant profits that they are often left in the lurch when a sudden development or crisis catches them off guard.

An entrepreneur who is adept at dealing with a problem as and when it crops up by being focused on the now will not let anything affect him or his business. If he lives in the moment and is quickly able to make decisions that are best for his company, he is already a motivated and focused leader. Also, having an internal rule book for his company is good but one must also always be prepared for pleasant and unpleasant surprises and adapt accordingly.

3. Educate yourself in skills essential for your business

An entrepreneur must always be on his toes making the most of the time he has in hand. Utilising his time wisely will arm him with the necessary tools to run his business but also keep him focused and motivated.

Getting trained with the right skillset, learning and educating himself on the sector his business is in, keeping up to date with global trends and developments are crucial add-ons for every entrepreneur.

4. Enjoy the perks of your business

A great way to stay motivated and be able to enjoy your journey as an entrepreneur is to enjoy some of the perks your business brings. Most entrepreneurs never take the time to enjoy travelling to new places, meeting different people, being exposed to cultures and foods of regions their business takes them too. All work and no play does make Jack a dull boy.

5. Take your loved ones along on your journey

One of the biggest sacrifices entrepreneurs make when they set out to achieve their dream is compromising on their time with their loved ones. By isolating themselves and becoming completely engrossed in the nitty gritty of their ventures, they may end up feeling lonely and stressed, distracting them from their goal. By involving their families and friends through their ups and downs, sleeping on time and maintaining a healthy work-life balance, they can steer ahead unimpeded to making their business a success.

(Edited by Evelyn Ratnakumar)

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