Here are 5 SEO techniques to help you boost rankings, traffic

From internal deep linking to keeping a short, crisp title tag, these tips will help you go a long way in getting more traffic and higher rankings.

Here are 5 SEO techniques to help you boost rankings, traffic

Thursday April 23, 2020,

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the ultimate tool in the marketing arsenal and SEO marketers are the new-age knights who valiantly battle against Googlealgorithms to reign supreme. One can follow opinions suggested by online experts, but the ones who prevail are those who have smartly leveraged technology in addition to these tips.


So, let’s look at ways to double your traffic. With these advanced SEO techniques, marketers can meet Google’s expectations.

Technique 1 - Internal Deep Linking 

External linking gets you a lot of traffic, but have you tried out a cheaper and equally-rewarding alternative? We’re talking about internal linking.

The first thing to bear in mind is to understand which keywords you rank high for; ensure you add a lot of anchor texts but don’t make it evident for Google. It might hurt you. Add a lot of internal links to send Google a message that you are emphasising on a particular page or topic.

Another overlooked strategy is including sidebar links in your articles and blogs which will encourage Google to eventually rank you higher as long as it is visibly located on the page.

Technique 2 – Focus on the SEO landing page

Outline your value proposition clearly in your header. If you’re unable to capture readers' attention in your headline, it is unlikely that they are going to read through the rest of your content.

Make a statement, with a bold headline that will ensure your readers go through the entire content. Create visually appealing content in the form of infographics, illustrations, etc. Focus on a single call to action button - having this is more likely to get you conversions than multiple callouts that can distract the user.

One can also add client testimonials, which aid the credibility of the brand in the eyes of the customer. Lastly, don't skimp on long-tail keywords. All these factors work together to help create a smooth landing page experience. 

Technique 3- Keep your title tags short (15-40 characters) 

"Stuff as many keywords as you can!”, you would have probably heard marketers swear by this a billion times when it comes to title tags. Fast forward to today — shorter title tags have proven to work better. This is primarily due to the exponential increase in the usage of mobile devices. What’s more interesting is that shorter URLs in combination with shorter title tags seem to perform better in these modern times.

Technique 4- Optimise for featured snippets

If you have been in the digital marketing ecosystem long enough, then you would have noticed that all the top spots are being dominated by featured snippets. One simple reason for this is the ability to serve users with instant answers, something that Google is obsessed with. These snippets are huge timesavers where users don’t have to click on anything to get answers. This gives a ton of exposure and opportunities to outrank your competitors quickly.

Adding structured schema markup, makes your website mobile-friendly, hence netting you more traffic and boosting your chances of getting into the holy featured snippet box. 

Technique 5- Focus on pages that drive revenue

Optimise pages that drive a lot of revenue, be it product, content or service pages. It is way easier to rank higher with this technique. Ensure your goal tracking and conversion tracking is done on Google Analytics and figure out the pages that drive maximum revenue.

Make use of Googlesearch console to find the keywords that are driving more traffic to those pages. Analyze keywords that are providing little or no clicks and work on improving them. Try and interlink non-performing pages with the ones that get the highest traffic. In the digital marketing universe, we call it "link juice". By doing this you’ll start ranking higher, thus increasing your revenue more than ever before.

While the above SEO strategies and techniques may sound easy, it takes a great deal of effort and keen observation to execute them successfully. Having said that, these powerful techniques are incredibly effective and can open the traffic floodgates in no time.

(Edited by Apoorva Puranik)

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