GoFrugal offers free subscriptions to small retailers to help manage deliveries during COVID-19

As the country has completely shutdown, kirana stores have emerged as the lifeline of neighbourhoods, and GoFrugal provides solutions to streamline their services.

GoFrugal offers free subscriptions to small retailers to help manage deliveries during COVID-19

Wednesday April 22, 2020,

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GoFrugal, a hybrid POS solution for retailers, is offering a free subscription of their bundled solutions till September 30, 2020. These solutions will include helping them set up their own online ordering app and a delivery management app.


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Small Retailers to get free software from GoFrugal to go digital

With OrderEasy, retailers can quickly set up an exclusive branded android app for online ordering. The set up is made easy where store owners are ready to serve their consumers in a matter of a few days. Orders are automatically pushed into their ERP, making it easier for retailers to measure and improve their service capability. The ordering experience designed similarly to popular apps where the order is punched only when the item is available. 


GoDeliver mobile app provides retailers with a platform to manage deliveries efficiently. It gives complete control by streamlining deliveries, sharing the most optimum routes with their delivery staff, tracking delivery, location, and even rescheduling or cancelling. This helps retailers to easily and efficiently manage the logistics of delivery, thus, serving more orders than usual.

“In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, the retail eco system in India has seen some drastic changes. With ecommerce giants, unable to meet the demands of the consumers, consumers are now completely relying on kirana stores. GoFrugal already works with over 5000+ kirana stores across many cities such as Nagpur, Lucknow, Pune, Pollachi etc. Today, amid all the health hazards, these store owners have been relentlessly supporting their consumers for essential commodities. At this time of crisis, it is our responsibility to help these kiranas run business seamlessly and protect themselves at the same time. We have decided to hence offer free applications for the next six months to reduce the financial burden of these owners," said Kumar Vembu, Founder and CEO, GoFrugal.

These free solutions are aimed to help retailers practice contactless and safe deliveries in their neighbourhoods. On OrderEasy, consumers can select the items and make online payments thus avoiding crowds at the store. The second product, GoDeliver will help the owners manage the deliveries of these orders. Post COVID-19, GoFrugal's customers have seen a significant surge in online purchases. 

One of their customers, who was getting only one or two online orders in a month through the app earlier, has observed 60 plus orders being placed online on just the second day of the lockdown. GoDeliver helps owners control this rush by streamlining deliveries, sharing closest routes with the delivery staff and tracking the orders.

Edited by Kanishk Singh