[Funding alert] B2B startup GroCurv raises seed funds from Unicorn Investments

B2B startup GroCurv aims to leverage the investments to further accelerate its product and technology development and expand its client base.

[Funding alert] B2B startup GroCurv raises seed funds from Unicorn Investments

Wednesday May 13, 2020,

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GroCurv, a Gurugram-based technology powered marketing and sales services procurement startup, has raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from Singapore's early-stage venture capital firm, Unicorn Investments Pte Ltd

Talking about the freshly raised capital, Venkatesh Rangachari, Co-founder, GroCurv said, 

“We will leverage the investments to further accelerate our product and technology development and expand our client base through targeted spends on marketing.”

“We aim at bringing a new narrative to high value B2B services procurement. Speed, transparency and reliability for clients looking for the right agency to solve their growth challenges. GroCurv is cutting the agency sourcing process from months to days and delivering savings of 20 percent or more for companies on their marketing spends,”  Venkatesh further added.

Venkatesh Rangachari, Co-founder, GroCurv

Venkatesh Rangachari, Co-founder, GroCurv

According to Vipul Gupta, Co-founder, GroCurv, “This new investment will allow us to go deeper into industries like healthcare, education, clothing, manufacturing, skill development and personal care.”

“Even in such unprecedented times, we are seeing increasing demands from clients for marketing and business development capabilities. In the past six weeks, clients looking for social media marketing, digital marketing, video content and sales on ecommerce platforms have grown more than 90 percent,” Vipul stated.

Started in January 2019 by Venkatesh and Vipul, GroCurv offers clients a wide range of business-related services such as branding and marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, talent acquisition, outsourced sales among many others. The startup said it facilitates discovery, interaction, selection and contracting. GroCurv claims that it has processed over 1,000 projects on its platform since inception. 

Monika Jain, Director, Unicorn Investments Pte Ltd said, 

"Their traction in the first 12 months has been very impressive and a very healthy repeat customer rate. Clients — large and small — using their services is indeed a very positive sign for us. GroCurv is a strategic addition to our portfolio of high growth B2B SaaS companies as we expand our footprint in South Asia.”

Founded by three INSEAD alumni in May 2019, Unicorn Investments is an early-stage venture capital fund that has invested in diverse, high growth ventures in India and Singapore till date, including SignCatch, Gizmojo, Jubi.ai, NextID and Yoripe.

Edited by Saheli Sen Gupta