Helping workplaces emerge from lockdown, uses IoT to curb the spread of COVID-19

As the economy slowly opens up, Bengaluru-based startup has developed a product called ‘Healthsense’ offers to curb the spread of COVID-19 at workplaces.

Several countries are preparing to lift lockdowns and resume economic activities. This includes corporates ensuring that coronavirus doesn’t spread between employees. To avoid the spread inside the workplace, has released Healthsense which enables touch-free attendance, mask protection compliance, body temperature compliance and sanitisation compliance, all in one place in real-time. 

"Healthsense can be used in offices, warehouses, hospitals, distribution, and sortation centres for vegetables and fruits. We have added two more features in our product for hospitals including, touch-free heartbeat measurement and touch-free pills disbursement based on face recognition” said Sankara Srinivasan, Co-founder and CEO, co-founder, Sankara

Healthsense has received a tremendous response from the market. Companied from both India and abroad are asking them to install the devices in their premises.

For many businesses across the globe, Q1 2020 took a new direction once the coronavirus outbreak became a pandemic. Many large corporates are working from home, but those who are in essential services must keep operating in this environment despite the ongoing crisis. Businesses have been trying to find a way to step into the workplace again, but the threat caused of the novel coronavirus is raising concerns about their employees’ safety. 

Healthsense offers to ensure adherence to safety and compliance at the workplace. The product provides a safety device and a dashboard (including real-time alerts and notifications) where you can monitor all these compliances in one place and act in real-time. 

With the device, you get the following features, all of which are contactless.

1. Touch-free Attendance

2. Mask Protection compliance

3. Temperature compliance (It sounds an alarm when it detects anyone with high body temperature)

4. Sanitisation compliance

The device can work eight hours without power or internet. Employees need to be registered on the Healthsense portal. After that their face can be matched even while they wear masks.

“Additionally, you can also get social distancing tracking by integrating our software with your existing cameras. This can be customised as per your needs. It comes with a dashboard where you can monitor all these compliances in one place and act in real-time,” Sankara said. has entered in to partnership with Intel, Accenture, TCS coin, and SAP to sell its products. It is also in accelerator programmes with Nasscom Deep Tech Club, SAP, Israel’s Mass Challenge among others. The company was also one of the Tech30 startups in 2018 at Tech Sparks, the flagship startup property of YourStory.

Edited by Kanishk Singh


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