[Jobs roundup] Help startups create a visual impact with these UX/UI designer roles

If you are a graphic designer with a good grounding in tech, here are some job UX/UI openings for you.

[Jobs roundup] Help startups create a visual impact with these UX/UI designer roles

Thursday July 09, 2020,

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Every startup has one primary goal: increasing sales and growing the business. And UX/UI design plays an important role in achieving this goal by improving user experience, customer satisfaction, and the number of users.

UI/ UX designers can focus on behaviour insight, feelings, and problems faced by users, and translate them to create a visual impact.

Graphic Design

Though a company and brand’s goodwill are built over time, startups make use of their online presence to create a good first impression for their users and clients. Who better than UI/UX designers to help them create the same?

So if you are a UX or UI designer, here is your chance to help startups make a good first impression with these graphic designer roles.

UI Designer


Experience needed: 4+ years

Dream11 is looking for a detail-oriented UI Designer with iOS, Android, and web design experience to join its product design team. An ideal candidate should have experience translating wireframes and prototypes to beautiful and intuitive visual designs that are pixel perfect and enhance the experience.

Their responsibilities include developing and detailing visual designs and design specifications, drawing on existing high-level designs and digital brand guidelines. They are required to work alongside product, marketing, UX designers, copywriters, and developers to come up with complete design solutions. They will also be reviewing UX design documentation such as wireframes to identify gaps and issues and raise these within the team.

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UX Designer


Experience needed: 2+ years

As a UX designer at Zynga, the candidate will be responsible for evaluating designs quickly. They will have to work closely with the UX lead to establish and maintain visual integrity, interaction methods, brand standards, and consistency and collaborate with engineering for execution of design. Additionally, the candidate should possess excellent understanding of visual design principles, style guidelines, design processes, and creative workflow. They should be able to make design decisions and take on design problems independently, and present and sell design concepts.

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UX Designer


Experience needed: 4+ years

The ecommerce giant is looking for a talented and passionate user experience designer to help make Amazon India's shopping experience delightful and easy to use. An ideal candidate should have the ability to create elegant user-centered designs, demonstrated ability to balance high-level, holistic reasoning with detail-oriented feature design, and facility designing for essentially mobile and desktop channels. According to the company, capacity for advocating on behalf of our customers is an absolute must as this role will directly impact the way Amazon customers access all Amazon products and features.

As a UX designer, the candidate will be responsible for understanding the needs of the users and should be able to define the customer experiences that are cohesive with apps across its product ecosystem.

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UX Designer, Google Store


Experience needed: 8 years

Design and user experience (UX) are at the forefront of everything Google does. The responsibility of a UX designer at Google is to envision how people experience its products and bring that vision to life in a way that feels inspired and refined. The candidate will be responsible for driving the team's design thinking across diverse product releases, platforms, and devices. They are required to develop high-level and detailed wireframes, low- and high-fidelity mockups, detailed microinteraction matrices, and prototypes to effectively communicate interaction and design ideas.

The candidate will also need to evaluate the usability of existing flows and recommend thoughtful design changes when appropriate and deliver coherent and delightful UX concepts, along with a plan for evolutionary, iterative updates that actualise the larger vision over time.

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Design Lead/ UX Designer


Experience needed: 6-10 years

The startup is looking for a UX designer who can be responsible for defining the information architecture and designing the language of its products. They will also be responsible for defining and refining interactions for the products. As per the company, the candidate is required to think strategically while executing with great attention to detail and should institute excellent operational processes so that design and engineering work tightly together and if necessary, oversee external contract designers as needed.

In addition to this, the candidate will be able to contribute to the overall product strategy through concept generation and collaborate with the UX team to promote features.

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