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Productivity improvement: Strategies to reduce cost, increase profitability and accelerate growth

What does an organisation need when all or most of its employees work remotely? Mobility, collaboration support, cloud, video conferencing and security emerge as the key asks. Here’s how remote working solutions from Dell Technologies are designed keeping these requirements in mind.

Productivity improvement: Strategies to reduce cost, increase profitability and accelerate growth

Wednesday July 08, 2020,

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A global survey of small businesses conducted by leading research and analyst firm Techaisle found that small business leaders believe in the connection between technology and productivity: 45 percent see “creating processes that constitute a better way of doing business” as a key benefit of technology, 43 percent credit technology with “facilitating better automation of core business processes,” 40 percent report that technology creates “better coordination across functional areas,” and nearly half of the respondents believed that technology “improves employee productivity”.

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Productivity improvement tech for businesses

Where should small business leaders focus their investments to obtain the greatest productivity benefits from technology solutions? Techaisle research points to five areas where small businesses can draw a straight line from technology capabilities to improved productivity:


Productivity improvements and support for new ways of organising work and workers including work from anywhere, anytime, on any device and managing work-life balance are cited as mobility’s greatest business benefits by 49 percent of small businesses. Improvements in service delivery, including better customer service and business continuity in the event of problems at a central office location, is offered as the most compelling mobility business benefit by 41 percent of small businesses.


Improved employee productivity is the second-highest-rated benefit of collaboration solutions such as web/ video conferencing, file-sharing, in-application sharing features. Faster decision-making, which itself is a measure of productivity improvement, is the top-rated benefit of collaboration solutions. Techaisle’s research also found that innovative small businesses are 1.8 times more likely to experience improved employee productivity with collaboration solutions than small businesses that are not innovative.


Cloud is the primary platform used for enabling mobility and collaboration, as cloud allows access to corporate data via mobile devices. Today, an “office” is defined by devices and the “workplace” is defined by the ability to work from wherever those devices (and their users) are located. Techaisle’s survey found that enabling a mobile workforce (39 percent), increasing collaboration (28 percent), and improving productivity for a line of business users (27 percent) were three of the top benefits gained by small businesses using cloud solutions.

Newer PCs

59 percent of small businesses report that newer PCs make their employees more productive due to faster application performance, less downtime, better connectivity, high-quality business-class communication and better security. Additionally, within small businesses, which are most constrained for IT staffing and support, 60 percent found that managing newer PCs was easier. Newer PCs deliver more than an incremental improvement in performance and features and even price-conscious small businesses would benefit significantly from replacing older PCs with modern PCs

Video Conferencing

54 percent of small businesses using video-conferencing have benefitted from improved productivity through more personal interaction, better teamwork, decision agility, trust and seamless exchange of ideas. The Techaisle survey found that for innovative small businesses, the video-conferencing solution is integral to business success

Tech infrastructure for businesses to stay productive

To stay competitive, your business must be able to perform quickly, reliably and securely. The latest technology can help optimise efficiency while protecting you from destructive security threats. Dell’s broad portfolio of solutions is designed to help you be productive no matter where you are. Here are a few products that can help:

A. XPS 15

The world’s smallest performance 39.6cm (15.6”) laptop packs a powerhouse performance with a stunning InfinityEdge display that comes with an optional touch screen. The XPS features up to a 9th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor.

B. OptiPlex 3070 Small Form Factor.

An intelligent, sustainably built business desktop essential for speed and productivity in a space-saving design. The OptiPlex features processors up to the 9th Gen Intel® Core™ i5.

C. Dell Precision 5540

Dell’s smaller, lighter and more accessible Precision workstation. Built to empower productivity in CAD and other demanding applications. The workstation features processors up to the 9th Gen Intel® Core™ i9.

D. Dell 24 USB-C Monitor - P2419HC

Optimise your workspace with this 60.5cm (23.8”) monitor featuring USB-C connectivity, a small footprint and productivity-boosting features.

E. Latitude 5500

The world’s smallest (39.6cm) 15.6 mainstream business-class notebook lets you get to work faster than ever, thanks to its scalable features, powerful performance and ExpressCharge. The notebook features processors up to the 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7.

F. PowerEdge T440 Tower Server

Drive a wide variety of office workloads with flexible performance and capacity in a worry-free infrastructure. The tower features processors up to the Intel® Xeon® Gold.

Remote connection using VPN

Dell also provides guidance on how to use and troubleshoot issues with your wireless or wired network, for more information browse to the Dell Networking, WiFi and Bluetooth Knowledge Base site. While every organisation may use a different type of VPN software to allow their employees to connect to their business network, Dell recommends that you work with the IT department of your business to explore your options.

Big help for small businesses

In today’s world of always-on business, a robust tech strategy is a must in order to boost collaboration, reach new growth markets and achieve cost efficiencies. Dell Small Business Technology Advisors give you FREE advice and one-on-one partnership to fuel your business growth. With over 30 years of experience in helping small businesses to thrive, Dell is dedicated to creating the products and services your business requires. But they’re not stopping there. They also offer a personal level of partnership, and peace of mind that your technology will perform the way you need, even as your business evolves.

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