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Israel-based Coralogix makes strategic expansion in India to help companies comply with new data privacy law scheduled to take effect in 2021

Israel-based Coralogix makes strategic expansion in India to help companies comply with new data privacy law scheduled to take effect in 2021

Saturday August 15, 2020,

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Coralogix, provider of a leading Machine Learning (ML)-powered log analytics and monitoring solution, will be expanding its operations in India to help companies comply with the data privacy law scheduled to take effect in 2021.

By localizing data with the help of Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) regional server support and data storage capabilities, Coralogix will help customers meet compliance requirements for India's new data privacy laws and dramatically improve service performance. Coralogix is also rolling out an onsite team to provide comprehensive sales and customer success support to India-based companies.

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Staying abreast with the evolution of the data privacy landscape

"With the strategic move, we are proactively addressing the new Indian data privacy law, scheduled to take effect in 2021, by providing Coralogix customers with a solution well ahead of most of our competitors," says Ariel Assaraf, CEO and co-Founder, Coralogix.

"When the new law is enacted, we anticipate a profound sense of urgency for companies who fall under domestic compliance rules to store their data locally and avoid being penalised for non-compliance."

Ariel explains that the new India privacy laws strictly define sensitive and critical data and their need to remain in India. “This is very much similar to the EU’s GDPR laws. As we learned more about our customers' needs, we understood that for some of them, specifically Indian fintech and health companies, there aren’t enough alternatives for managed monitoring solutions which store data in India.” Ariel believes that the new Indian data privacy law will not only put the spotlight on customer privacy, but will also compel companies to reassess how user data is routed and stored. “We see this as an important evolution of the privacy laws. Countries will continue to increase demands to maintain sensitive data within their borders,” he says.

Coralogix's team worked closely with their counterparts at Amazon when launching the expansion."We've been observing Coralogix expand into the Indian market for a while now, and are happy to support them in taking their next step in offering regional AWS support," says Navdeep Manaktala, Director & Head, Startup Business, Asia-Pacific & Japan, AWS. "This will bring great value to our customers now that new data privacy laws are taking effect in India."

A two-way street for growth

Cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology companies that collect user data will be most notably affected by these new laws and stand to benefit from Coralogix’ expansion in India. Several startups with a strong presence in the region have already signed on as Coralogix customers. This includes startups like Postman, Jupiter Money, BookMyShow, among others

For Coralogix, India has been a key and growing market. “While the natural move by Israeli companies has been to look westward to the US or Europe, we discovered that the Indian market was rife with opportunity and eager customers,” shares Ariel.

The watershed moment for the startup came in 2018 when they signed a deal with a leading Indian streaming company.

Since then, the startup has consciously worked towards making inroads in the Indian market and has grown along. "We grew to 10 million users and Coralogix has grown along with us," says Shamsis Bhattacharya, Chief Software Architect, Postman. "We've worked closely together to get the workflows we need as an organisation to ensure that the product we deliver meets the quality and value requirements."

In addition to India being a key growth market for Coralogix, Ariel says they have been overwhelmed by India’s tech sector, general ingenuity and innovative culture. “The level of engineering we encountered inspired us to keep pursuing opportunities and expand our presence in India. We are planning to invest tens of millions of dollars in India in the next 5 years and place it on our top three markets,” he says.

Unlocking the power of data

As an ML-powered log analytics and monitoring solution, Coralogix empowers DevOps teams to autonomously manage and analyze log data in cloud applications. The platform's ML engine enables users to reach faster time-to-market, avoid customer attrition and accelerate their version delivery without compromising quality or stability. Today, over 1,000 global-leading companies, including Monday, PayU, Masterclass among others, use Coralogix to power their businesses.

“Coralogix is the only logging and monitoring solution that automatically generates insights and ties them to the software delivery flow (CI/CD), that enables companies to release more versions faster and without compromising quality. Coralogix is also the only vendor to offer price tiers based on data importance, allowing companies to only pay for the logs that they really use and not per quota,” says Ariel.

Having founded the company in early 2015 and then going on to launch its log analytics solution in September 2017, today, Coralogix, a NetApp Excellerator alumnus, has expanded its scope as a metric data, and security solution. “We also plan to expand our product to include tracing capabilities to enable our customers total observability, powered by ML, and at an affordable price.”

In the time to come, as it will become more important than ever before for businesses to transform logging data into business, operational and security insights, a solution like Coralogix will be more relevant, says the founder.

“Log data is the richest source of truth an organisation has. But the fact that the amount of logs generated is huge makes it hard for companies to leverage it. Our ability to automatically learn the data baselines and tie them to an application’s particular flows and versions helps unlock this valuable asset for businesses,” says Ariel signing off.