Made in India enterprise learning app Disprz is focusing on employee engagement and upskilling

Disprz, which helps employees accelerate their careers, bagged the first place in the 'eLearning' category in Aatmanirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge.

Made in India enterprise learning app Disprz is focusing on employee engagement and upskilling

Saturday September 05, 2020,

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When Subramanian Viswanath and Kuljit Chadha applied for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent Aatmanirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge, they didn’t know that they would be asked to make a presentation in less than 24 hours.

The jury’s brief was simple: the Disprz team had to demonstrate how they could help Indian companies upskill their employees using AI and virtual training.The catch was that the demo could not last more than 10 minutes.

Disprz, a skills and career acceleration suite for enterprises, chose a very difficult topic – reskilling an oil and gas pipeline engineer with their Learning and Development platform.

"We were able to show our broad end-to-end capabilities by role playing and using the product to demonstrate how we could identity the right skills that this pipeline employee needed to become a manager. We also showcased how AI could be used to evaluate him – in 10 minutes,” says Subramanian, Co-founder of Disprz.

The L&D startup aims to harness the power of Al to create a comprehensive, multifaceted training experience for everybody- from entry-level employees to C-level executives.

How does it work?

The Mumbai and Chennai-based company offers a comprehensive learning management solution (LMS). Its multilingual app helps to onboard and engage employees, increase productivity, and continuously learn online. It works across the spectrum - from when an employee joins a company and as he grows and evolves.

Disprz has 100,000 courses, and each employee can have a customised course. Many manufacturing companies are using the Learning and Development SaaS platform to bring shop floor employees up to speed with new skills and developments in the technology world.

The company's platform is used in several verticals, including banking, manufacturing, oil and gas, and retail.

For example, if a bank wants to go digital. It will want to know how roles and functions operate in a digital bank, and will first open up their HRMS to Disprz. The startup train the bank's employees on digital banking.


Subramanian Viswanath, Co-founder of Disprz

“Disprz can significantly increase your employee engagement, reducing attrition rate. We can keep your geographically distributed workforce enabled, upskilled, and work-ready. Our digital onboarding programme can ensure faster and more effective onboarding of new hires, and raise overall employee productivity,” Subramanian says.

Disprz is the founders’ second venture in the learning space; the duo sold their first startup in the K12 learning space to a UK-based company. Before this, the founders worked in the corporate and consulting space, respectively.

The market and the future

According to, learning is a $360 billion industry, and Disprz is poised to grow to a large firm.

The upskilling startup claims to have more than 180 clients, including three of the world’s top insurance companies. Other prominent customers include Naspers, Delhivery, Bank, and Hindustan Petroleum.

The business model is based on a pay-as-you-go model. Disprz was picked by Oracle for its global startup accelerator programme in 2018. Today, it integrates with Oracle HCM and Oracle Cloud, making it an ideal learning platform for enterprises that run on the Oracle Fusion platform.

Oracle has more than one lakh customers, and Disprz hopes to disperse knowledge faster to these employees.

Disprz claims to have raised several million dollars (undisclosed) and is also generating a sizable amount of revenue. However, the founders refused to divulge details.

"Learning has to be contextual and engaging. We will be scaling across South East Asia," Subramanian says.

(Edited by Teja Lele Desai)