Here’s how you can improve your business efficiency with seamless integration to Xoxoday Plum’s rewards & benefits platform

Here’s how you can improve your business efficiency with seamless integration to Xoxoday Plum’s rewards & benefits platform

Wednesday September 16, 2020,

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While the role of a good rewards and recognition programme in driving sales and improving other business outcomes is well established, these are still hard to come by. That’s because of a mismatch between the needs and wants of the employees, customers, users, partners, and type of rewards offered. A trophy left to gather dust, a voucher that was never used, a customised pen long forgotten - while these were the go-to options in the past, one can confidently say that they didn’t motivate the receiver enough or brought the intended joy.

Today, however, digital rewards platforms like Xoxoday Plum that automate the whole process are scripting a new narrative. Xoxoday Plum is a digital rewards platform that also offers a global catalogue of 20,000+ options with 5,000+ experiences, 2000+ gift cards and 12,000+ perks. The platform offers a rich and varied catalogue to users, with categories such as wellness, personal finance, e-learning, e-gift cards, experiences, privileges, philanthropy, rentals, perks, offers, and subscriptions.

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Rewards & Incentives made easy

On one hand, Xoxoday Plum’s comprehensive catalogue makes it a hit with employees, customers, prospective customers, clients and partners since it gives them the flexibility to choose a reward that best matches their needs and expectations. At the same time, it enables organisations to implement rewards, incentives and benefits programmes at scale with ease and in tune with their business goals. Organisations get to define what user behaviour they want to reinforce and set up custom triggers to run reward programmes.

Most organisations today already use a technology platform or solution to streamline their business operations like HR, finance, sales, marketing, support or other functions. The Xoxoday Plum platform has been designed in such a way that it can be integrated with these software or solutions to further drive business efficiency. “This eliminates the larger challenge of disconnected and siloed data when organisations begin using an increasing number of tools and technologies,” says Manoj Agarwal, Co-founder at Xoxoday.

With its plug-and-play model, an organisation can go live with Xoxoday Plum in under 60 minutes, a process which can otherwise take up to two or three months. Xoxoday Plum comes with a rich and elegant user interface, and delivers an exceptional user experience. Plum also offers reward distribution modes like sending bulk vouchers via emails, SMS, WhatsApp, generation of bulk voucher codes, and distribution through APIs, making it easier to implement. Also, companies no longer have to deal with multiple vendors, inventories and undertake manual administration of the rewards programme which, in the long run, has proven to be cost-intensive. And, because users can avail the rewards instantly, there is gratification unlike other rewards programmes which are marked by limited choices, poor customer support, delayed delivery or glitches in technology. “In addition, the Xoxoday Plum covers the entire journey from trigger to action, unlike many others which focus only on the action,” shares Manoj.

The impact has been manifold for organisations leveraging Xoxoday Plum. While for some, it has eliminated the manual intervention which are time-, cost- and manpower-intensive, for others it has eliminated the ambiguity around effectiveness of a rewards programme. For RealPage, an American multinational provider of property management software, onboarding Xoxoday Plum has brought in a culture of appreciation which keeps employees motivated... For Luminous Power Technologies, a power and energy storage products company, Xoxoday Plum proved to be an inclusive rewards and recognition solution that appealed to its entire spectrum of users. The platform aligned perfectly with the company’s value system in non-monetary rewarding as an effective measure to improve employee morale and engagement.

How Xoxoday Plum’s integrations are helping businesses improve efficiency and drive better outcomes:

Enhancing Employee Productivity and Performance

Xoxoday Plum seamlessly integrates with leading HRMS solutions like SAP® SuccessFactors®, DarwinBox, Zoho People, BambooHR, and Ramco to help organisations run reward programmes directly from their HRMS platform. The integration enables organisations to send out automated and personalised rewards, incentives, gift cards etc to their employees – anywhere in the world – in just a few clicks. Additionally, the integration also improves the employee experience by letting them access reward points directly from the HRMS platform, without having to juggle between multiple platforms, and redeem these points against Xoxoday Plum’s extensive catalogue of 5000+ experiences, 3000+ gift vouchers and 12000+ perks.

Driving support agents’ performance

Help-desk support is often counted among the most stressful jobs since it involves solving customer queries and bearing the brunt of their dissatisfaction. That is why it is important for companies to keep their customer support team motivated with regular appreciation and rewards.

Integration between Xoxoday Plum and customer support applications like Freshdesk empowers organisations to motivate their customer support agents.. Xoxoday Plum’s automated, milestone-based rewards help organisations ensure better customer satisfaction by motivating agents and improving productivity.

Improving Sales Outcome

Be it trying to acquire a new deal or trying to cross-sell or up-sell, tempting prospects and customers with rewards and benefits can be extremely helpful in driving the business’ objectives

Integration between Xoxoday Plum and CRM platforms like Salesforce, Freshsales, Leadsquared, Zoho CRM and Hubspot enables organisations to engage prospects and customers with personalised rewards, incentives, gift cards, etc. What’s more, businesses can create custom triggers to track user behaviours and instantly reward them on completing specific actions. Sharing how this works, Manoj, shares, “Let us take for example a scenario where a prospect clicks on a link to watch the demo of your product or completes a sign-up for a free trial. With Xoxo integration, the platform can automatically identify the action and trigger a reward/gift voucher to be sent to the prospect. This then enables us to drive sales.”

Improving Survey Response Rate

Low response rate can be a huge challenge for businesses that conduct surveys, quizzes, polls,

Xoxoday Plum’s integration with survey platforms like SurveyMonkey, Typeform, SurveySparrow etc. aims at overcoming this challenge by empowering organisations to engage respondents with automated digital rewards and benefits. The seamless integration between the platforms not only improves survey response rates, but also ensures a superior user experience by eliminating any kind of manual gift-code management.

Eliminating Silos by Connecting with 2000+ apps

With Xoxo Plum, businesses are able to explore the unlimited possibilities of running rewards and incentives programmes by connecting with over 2,000+ web services and applications using Zapier. Integration between Zapier and Xoxoday Plum empowers organisations to connect with any of their existing web applications, making it extremely simple to recognise and reward the right behaviour of their users with a global catalogue of brand vouchers, experiences and perks.

Watch how Xoxoday Plum enables organisations to implement rewards, recognition & incentive programs at scale and drive impact.

The road ahead

There is a lack of holistic solutions to motivate and engage users, be it employees, sales agents, channel partners or even consumers. And, a platform like Xoxoday Plum addresses this gap, believes Manoj. “And, that’s why we believe that we are uniquely positioned to tap growth.”

Xoxo Plum is an offering by Xoxoday - an all-in-one technology platform that enables businesses to connect, align, motivate and engage employees, channel partners, sales and consumers through rewards, incentives, benefits and commissions. Xoxoday offers SaaS products to solve problems around employee rewards and recognition, channel sales incentives and consumer promotions. Their products are used by HR leaders, channel managers and brand marketers across 1000+ global companies. Xoxoday is currently operational in Australia, India, Philippines, Singapore, UAE, UK and USA. They have been recognised as 'a top 100 SME by Govt. of India', 'Best Tech-HR platform by People Matters', 'Top 50 Fastest Growing Tech-companies by Deloitte' and 'Top 10 SaaS startups by Oracle'.

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