This SaaS startup is gearing up to solve transport woes for logistics businesses

Rourkela-based TransportSimple helps logistics businesses manage day-to-day operations such as trip and inventory tracking, maintenance summary, GST compliant accounting modules, and live performance monitoring among others

Increased digitalisation has disrupted the logistics sector in the country. As the industry scales up, there is a need for digital solutions for fleet management. According to a report by MarketsandMarket, the global fleet management market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.8 percent and reach $28.66 billion by 2022 from $13.78 billion in 2017.

To provide fleet management services to logistics businesses, Father-son duo Hardeep Singh and Jasdeep Singh launched TransportSimple in 2018.

Jasdeep is an engineering graduate from SRM Chennai and worked as a Decision Scientist at MuSigma before joining his family business. Upon realising the management issues at his family’s logistics and trucking business, he decided to find a better solution for the same.

The SaaS startup helps logistics businesses manage daily operations such as trip, inventory tracking, maintenance and employee summary, GST compliant, and driver performance monitoring among others.

Speaking to YourStory, Jasdeep explains that he had joined his family trucking and logistics business three years back. At that time, the business was being managed using multiple spreadsheets, accounting applications, and manual registers which caused losses and delays. They could also not generate insight with the data collected through the traditional platforms.

“We were looking for a better solution to manage our business but couldn't find any. However, we realised that other fleet owners and transporters were facing similar challenges and we saw an opportunity. I worked at MuSigma before and knew the impact analytics and technological advancement could bring to the traditional industry. From there, the journey of TransportSimple began.”

The Rourkela, Odisha, headquartered startup has a branch office in Bengaluru, with 18 members in the team.

TransportSimple is aimed at helpinig logistics businesses manage daily operations such as trip, inventory tracking, maintenance and employee summary, and GST compliant among others.

One-stop solution for fleet management

Jasdeep explains the road-line logistics industry in India as well as across the world is fragmented and operates traditionally.

Highlighting the importance of an advanced fleet management system, he says, “the current working way is chaotic, time-consuming, error-prone, and lacks owner visibility. There are multiple false expenses, no scheduled maintenance, no performance tracking, and much more. The industry is dependent on various standalone platforms to manage its business, with no information flow, thus lacking informed decision-making.”

TransportSimple provides a suite of SaaS-based solutions to streamline business operations, account handling for easy administration, and provides data analysis to fleet owners and transporters enabling them to make right decisions.

“TransportSimple eliminates the error-prone task of manual accounting and helps decision-makers get instant access to the reports. Users can manage day-to-day operations such as trip and inventory tracking, maintenance and employee summary, GST compliant accounting modules with necessary filing reports, and live performance monitoring. The analytics-driven charts and reports help reduce downtime, malpractice, and expenses, thus increasing the profits,” the co-founder explains.

The software also allows fleet owners to ensure a “predictive maintenance” approach rather than “reactive maintenance.”

Business and more

NASSCOM incubated startup TransportSimple further scaled up its services by working with startup incubator NSRCEL, IIM-Bangalore.

Speaking about the business model, Jasdeep says, “We have annual subscription plans for our core products and multiple add-ons where the customers are billed based on the business size.” He claims that the startup has onboarded over eighty clients as of now.

The startup competes with other notable players such as TransTrack by Mumbai-based Choice TechLab. However, Jasdeep believes that TransportSimple has an edge over its competitors due to its one-stop solution, which is cost effective for small businesses.

The startup is looking to raise external funding to scale up its operations and also aims to onboard over 500 clients by the end of the current financial year.

Edited by Megha Reddy


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