[Jobs Roundup] If Big Data excites you, apply for these Data Scientist roles

If you enjoy juggling with Big Data, here's a curated list of Data Scientists job openings at companies like Amazon, Uber, Shadowfax, Meesho, and Microsoft.

Numbers, statistics, and Big Data. While most of us often dread these terms, data scientists juggle with them and make sense of it.

Data Scientists find Big Data not just challenging but also exciting. They use scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to swim through the data and make sense out of them.

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The demand for Data Scientists is ever-increasing, and a recent survey revealed that the Indian analytics industry was expected to reach $75 billion by 2025.

If you are someone who finds juggling with data interesting, YourStory has curated a list of jobs for Data Scientist opportunities:


Experience required: N/A

To apply for the Data Scientists role at Shadowfax, the candidate must have solid data-mining and analytical skills, which include experience in dealing with a large amount of data. The candidate must have a strong background in mathematics and statistics. They will be responsible for setting up prediction models and building up algorithms to automate operational tasks.

The ideal candidate should also have a stronghold on machine learning techniques, and be able to execute strategies on a real-time basis.

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Experience required: 3+ years

As a Senior Data Scientist at Microsoft, the candidate will be responsible for designing and implementing scalable systems for analysing data across cyber intelligence knowledge graphs to identify, track, and report on attacker techniques, tools, and infrastructure.

The idea candidate should have three-plus years of experience as a Data Scientist, and two-plus years of experience of designing and developing software or services. They should have experience in machine learning and data science libraries such as Python, R, and Java, among others.

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Experience required: 1-3 years

Social commerce platform Meesho is looking for a Data Scientist who would understand the reseller preferences and provide them with the most relevant products. Additionally, the candidate will be required to use data to identify bottlenecks that help Meesho's suppliers meet their SLA requirements.

The candidate should have one to three years of experience as a Data Scientist. They should be familiar with concepts like Neural Networks, ML, and tools like SQL, R, and Python, among others. Familiarity with Big Data tech stacks like Apache Spark, Hadoop, and Redshift will be an added benefit.

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Experience required: 5+ years

As a Senior Data Scientist at ride-hailing giant unicorn Uber, the candidate will be required to perform deep-dive analysis across areas of all its business to drive growth strategies, including product development and rider engagement strategies.

The ideal candidate must have five years of experience in a quantitative analysis role with an emphasis on statistics. They should have excellent SQL skills and the ability to use tools such as Python or R to work efficiently at scale with large data sets.

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Experience required: 5+ years

As a Data Scientist with Amazon, the candidate will be required to work with data engineers to design and implement machine learning applications and solutions. They will be required to implement and maintain a high-volume, highly available, hybrid (SQL plus No SQL) data processing solutions that consist of structured and semi-structured data.

The candidate should have deep expertise in statistics, machine learning, or related disciples. Experience building solutions using AWS big data and machine learning services will be added benefits.

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