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How Lenovo is reimagining technology to enable remote working in India

From initial strategic planning to configuration, deployment, security and more – Lenovo’s solutions are helping companies embrace new workplace technologies.

How Lenovo is reimagining technology to enable remote working in India

Thursday October 29, 2020 , 3 min Read

Even before the pandemic struck, businesses across several verticals were experimenting with remote working on a small scale, primarily as incentives to employees. However, as businesses around the world were forced to move their entire operations to a work-from-home model almost overnight, it brought along a slew of challenges that most workplaces were not equipped to handle — including managing remote teams on a global scale, device management, security, maintenance, keeping employees connected and productive, avoiding costly downtime and much more.

As remote working takes on a more concrete form and is here to stay for the foreseeable future, it has become more important than ever to provide employees with the required technology to successfully work from home, which will ensure they continue to feel productive and collaborative.

Solving for SMBs

Among the worst hit sectors in light of the pandemic, the small and medium business (SMBs) — that were traditionally offline businesses — are now transitioning to a digital model. Those SMBs that were already online are now looking for cost-effective technology to enable remote working that is efficient, secure and productive.

While some born-in-cloud SMBs or digitally-forward SMBs are already using cloud-based technology for running customer relationship management software or enterprise resource planning platforms to manage finances and back-office functions, a large chunk of the sector continues to need IT support across functions.

Global technology leader Lenovo is leading the way to enable SMBs in this journey with a host of services and solutions to meet their IT needs and transitioning from a PC supplier to an end-to-end services and solutions provider.

Lenovo’s intelligent devices portfolio has also branched out beyond the PC segment into emerging ones such as dedicated collaboration devices.

“At Lenovo, we offer end-to-end IT management for SMBs, thus freeing their IT staff to focus on strategic efforts with more time on their side. Today we are excited to share some of these services and solutions and introduce the perfect device solution for the new workforce - ThinkBook Plus. In Q1 FY2021, we became the number one in the SMB segment with a 32 percent market share. And we are on a strong path of transitioning from a PC supplier to an end- to-end services and solutions provider,” Ashish SIkka, Director, SMB, Lenovo India said.

End-to-end IT support, security, UX and more

Key among its solutions is the Lenovo Premier Support — a 24x7, 365-day direct access for advanced hardware and software customer support. It delivers unscripted tech support by a Lenovo engineer to every employee in every location for SMBs, allowing the IT staff to manage routine support tasks.

With remote working, one of the key concerns for any business is their security infrastructure and its ability to safeguard assets and data from sophisticated cyber attacks. Lenovo’s IT asset management service, Smart Fleet Services, is designed to help SMBs gain control of their hardware and software endpoints, increase security and compliance, optimise the end-user experience and more.

However, this is no routine IT service. In these extraordinary times, Lenovo has gone a step ahead by making this service device and toolset agnostic, meaning whatever devices the organization uses, Lenovo can help optimize their IT management.

For SMBs in India who are facing challenges such as enabling remote working and strained finances, making investment decisions becomes especially difficult. Lenovo’s Device-as-a-solution (DaaS) provides a faster device refresh that ensures companies have the latest technology in order to remain competitive, ensure productivity and satisfy an increasingly demanding workforce.