[Funding alert] Personal social network TUBBR raises angel round from Global Ascent Partners

By-invite-only social media app TUBBR raises angel funding from Global Ascent Partners, and will use the funds to focus on TUBBR PRO.

[Funding alert] Personal social network TUBBR raises angel round from Global Ascent Partners

Friday November 06, 2020,

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Personal social network TUBBR has raised a large angel round from Global Ascent Partners and International Growth Consulting & VC fund based in Austin, Texas. The funds will be used to support TUBBR PRO, which will be unveiled in January 2021. The app helps creators to sell their premium content to different users. 

TUBBR was founded by Saurabh Uttam and Ravi Singhal, and is based is based in San Francisco. 

“Existing social networks have lost the trust of the very users who allowed them to win in the first place. Consumers want more than a network — they want communities to connect to, have control on their content, and opportunity to monetise that content," Saurabh said. 

He said the future of social networking is discrete, personal, and collaborative. That's the sentiment in almost any social media or tech conference. TUBBR helps creators with meaningful and personalised engagement because consumers are now moving away from the main feeds of major social networks to smaller micro communities

Social Networking

TUBBR helps creators to serve content to communities in university societies, bikers’ club, music communities, or just a group of close friends who want to spend time together. The app lets the user have a discrete private or public space, TUBBR Walls, to create stories, share, chat, and collaborate with people based on their interest. 

TUBBR Walls offers an in-built story creation tool for short videos (three-minute micro vlogs). The app is also working on live streaming, video chats, and premium subscription developed in-house.

The invite-only social network platform claims more than 200,000 users and believes it can connect with the next billion people who are part of micro communities. 

Edited by Megha Reddy