[Jobs Roundup] Are you a good fit for the booming healthtech sector? Try these openings at Practo

The pandemic has resulted in the growth of telehealth service providers such as Practo, which recorded 10X growth in teleconsultation services in the last six months. If you are someone who can boost this growth, these job openings may just be right for you.

[Jobs Roundup] Are you a good fit for the booming healthtech sector? Try these openings at Practo

Thursday December 10, 2020,

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COVID-19 has transformed India's healthcare sector. Doctor visits, diagnostic tests, and follow-up appointments made way for teleconsultations and telemedicine services overnight due to the pandemic. The accelerated digitisation in the sector led both patients and doctors online.

Several telemedicine and mobile health platforms recorded a surge in the demand for services due to coronavirus.

Bengaluru-based telemedicine giant Practo recently reported 10X growth in its teleconsultation services within the last six months. In an official statement, the company said 80 percent of its telemedicine users were first-time customers and approximately 50 percent of the demand was driven from non-metro cities. As of now, it has over 25,000 verified doctors listed on the platform offering online consultations.

“Digital healthcare today is witnessing more participation than ever before, and is seeing steady growth and progress, indicated by more number of entrepreneurs, more high-quality talent, and more capital,” said Shashank ND, Co-founder and CEO of Practo.

The announcement of telemedicine guidelines earlier in March also boosted the trust of both patients and doctors on the benefits of teleconsultation services, resulting in growth of mhealth startups such as Practo.


Practo Co-founders ,Shashank ND and Abhinav Lal. [Image Credit: Practo]

If you believe that you can contribute to this growing sector, check out YourStory’s curated list of job openings at Practo:

Product Support Specialist

Experience Required: 1 year

Practo is looking for a product support specialist who will be working as a part of the frontline support team that interacts with doctors first hand and will help them resolve queries, troubleshoot technical issues, and explain the process and policies.

The applicant will be responsible for enhancing customer engagement by understanding customer behaviour, expectations from the product, analysing usage trends and product adaptability, and increasing product usage.

Experienced candidates with fluency in Hindi, Kannada, English, and Telugu are encouraged to apply for the position.

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Assistant Manager

Experience Required: 4-6 years

The mobile health company is looking to hire an experienced assistant manager who will be responsible for ensuring customer experience and managing the appointment booking and online consultation experience teams

The candidate will be responsible for updating and training the team about all product updates and features, and ensure that they offer quality resolution through quality audits. The assistant manager will also have to work towards reducing incoming tickets every quarter by improving the product and process, and also build a career growth plan for reporting team members.

The vacancy is a good fit for candidates with good analytical skills and experience in people and process management.

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Team Leader

Experience Required: 3-5 years

The team lead at Practo will be responsible for managing team performance through people management, metrics management, process management, and product management.

The candidate will have to ensure that optimum people are logged in for daily work, supervise daily work, provide feedback and coaching, and help manage customer expectations.

Candidates looking to apply for this position must have SME-level knowledge on all processes and policies related to supporting business. The applicants are also required to have experience as a floor Lead/L2 for a minimum of 18 months.

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Consumer Insights Head

Experience Required: 6-8 years

The consumer insights head will be the voice of the customers in the organisation and will have to lead in shaping, defining, and deepening the company’s knowledge about its audience.

The candidate will also become one-point contact for business teams across the organisation and help the company solve business queries and provide structured consumer queries. They will also lead the planning, coordination, and implementation of research activities, develop research proposals, suggest research methodologies, execute research studies, develop questionnaires, analyse findings, and present results.

Business and management post graduates with hands-on experience in syndicated and custom research are desirable candidates for this position.

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Lead Retention Marketing

Experience Required: 6-8 years

The candidate will be responsible for creating, managing, and optimising retention campaigns and ads on paid and owned media. He or she will be responsible for monitoring and analysing campaigns to meet goals. 

The applicant will need to create a user-first retention strategy and balance business requirements with overall digital marketing revenue goals. They will also need to work with the graphic designing team or agency to develop creatives for weekly retention campaigns.

Candidates with prior experience handling and scaling email as a channel, creative thinking, data analysis etc are encouraged to apply for this position

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Edited by Teja Lele