A fan of Warren Buffett, Pratham Jain had set his sights on entrepreneurship since childhood

A fan of Warren Buffett, Pratham Jain had set his sights on entrepreneurship since childhood

Wednesday December 30, 2020,

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For as long as he can remember, Pratham Jain had always wanted to be a good businessman. Even as others of his age were hoping to become doctors, engineers, or famous celebrities and sportspersons, he had his eyes set on becoming an entrepreneur from a tender age.

This comes as no surprise given that Warren Buffett is his inspiration. “I have been following his investments since the beginning...he has this single-minded dedication that I really admire,” he says.

Pratham runs Jmv Apparels, a business that was started by his father, his role model, in 2008. Having taken over the business right after graduating from college, Pratham says he loves the fact that running a business is competitive and that the ability to expand its operations is completely in the hands of the business owner. “I actually feel that I have received a lot more exposure by running a business as compared to if I had taken a job after college,“ he says.

Pratham’s entrepreneurial bent of mind shapes his life outside of work as well. Given his flair for numbers and finance, he believes that if he was to teach school children a certain subject, it would be Accountancy, and maybe even financial discipline.

When not looking after the business, Pratham enjoys reading books on business, finance, and investing. He is currently reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad, By Robert Kiyosaki, and recently finished a book on investing by renowned investor Peter Lynch.

But life is not all work for Pratham. He enjoys listening to the music of Diljit Dosanjh and Coldplay, playing badminton and watching shows in his free time as well. A dog-lover and an avid skater, he hopes to visit Las Vegas someday. The one thing that motivates him to get up in the morning is to start his day by jogging, which helps him approach his business for the day with a fresh mindset.

Given a chance to speak to the Prime Minister for two minutes, he would like to know the secret of his confidence so that he can imbibe it in his own life. For Pratham, values form an important part of being an entrepreneur. Being truthful and honest with everyone he deals with is central to how he carries out his business. He also believes in delivering top quality products and ensuring customer satisfaction — values handed down to him by his father.

Pratham sees Xcelerator Ludhiana as a great opportunity to learn something new. When asked about advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, he said, “Any business depends on the sales component. On cracking that, anyone can become a Mukesh Ambani.”