Five AI trends that will revolutionise online aggregation in India

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer an option but a necessity for any online business. A look at key AI trends making them smarter and efficient.

Five AI trends that will revolutionise online aggregation in India

Friday April 30, 2021,

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The use cases of artificial intelligence (AI) are increasing by leaps and bounds in the digital age. Its impact is being felt in various areas of our lives. From our everyday gadgets to the way we conduct research, AI is making its presence felt. It is becoming impossible to pick up a device and go online without coming across AI technology.

In terms of adopting AI, the ecommerce industry is making strides. AI is being used to enable these platforms to understand the data and behavioural patterns of their customers. This helps them save time, money, and increase their bottom line.

In this regard, let’s take a look at the top AI trends making ecommerce smarter as well as efficient:

Search and recommendation

In general, algorithms that power recommendation systems rely on previous purchases and page views. However, now there are AI-based search engines that suggest instant recommendations. These use AI technology to analyse user interactions to find products that are appealing to individual customers. This solution helps in making instant tailored recommendations based on the specific needs and preferences of individuals.

Therefore, it’s time for platforms to stop overlooking the power of the search bar. It plays a pivotal role in serving customer needs and achieving business goals.

With a search bar that’s properly optimised, a user’s simple search can be turned into responsive data to further business goals. In addition, an AI-based search tool can help in conversion, boost sales, and increase user engagement.


Personalisation is increasingly becoming a key factor in driving sales. Being spoilt for choice, customers are looking for a personal touch. This makes them more responsive to products that have been marketed to them based on their interests and shopping patterns.

Personalisation also helps build lasting relationships with customers and increases conversion. Plus, every time a customer returns, the site projects more relevant products and content to them, making their experience increasingly personalised.

A majority of the online revenue comes from repeat customers. Therefore, the benefits of integrating personalised search tools can build profitable relationships with them.


Location-based search or local search can offer customers specific products or services based on their location. Customers can even use this feature to find services and outlets that are in their vicinity. This means businesses can integrate location-based systems that allow customers to find them with ease. Most businesses today can benefit greatly by offering local search results.

Location-based search tools have become a necessity in this day and age. It is because customers use their smartphones to make purchases from nearby stores that stock the desired products. This makes it beneficial for businesses to integrate location-based search into their sites.

Multilingual search

Not everyone speaks English and even those who do would prefer browsing in their native language if they had the choice. Offering customers multilingual search options opens the business up to previously untapped frontiers. This translates into an increase in sales and profits.

A multilingual website makes customers feel welcome and appreciated. Plus, it not only stands out from the competition, but the multilingual search option also plays into the personalisation aspect and can increase customer retention.

Voice-based solutions

Due to the convenience voice-based virtual assistants offer, they have become household names. As we continue to realise the convenience that voice-based searches provide, it becomes clear that this trend is not going to fade away. From setting reminders to searching for information, AI-powered voice-based solutions have become part of everyday life.

As we continue to explore these trends, it becomes increasingly evident that AI has become a crucial part of businesses. Given the benefits, this new-age technology is no longer an option but a necessity for any online business in this age of digitisation.

Edited by Lena Saha

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