Learn all about fundraising and angel investment. Here’s how

Investments Decoded, a three-day virtual summit hosted by Knowledge Capital, will give participants an opportunity to learn from prominent investors and founders from the Indian startup ecosystem.

Learn all about fundraising and angel investment. Here’s how

Tuesday April 13, 2021,

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To help stakeholders of the Indian startup ecosystem understand the nuances of identifying and doubling down on the right investment deals, Knowledge Capital is hosting a three-day virtual summit, Investments Decoded 2021, from April 23, 2021 to April 25, 2021. Knowledge Capital describes itself as a volunteer-driven, intricately curated community of founders and investors to enable easy interaction and exchange of ideas.

The event will see the coming together of some of the best minds from investment, innovation and India’s startup ecosystem at large. The summit will see participation from the likes of TV Mohandas Pai, Chairman, Aarin Capital; Rajan Anandan, Managing Director of Sequoia Capital India; Ashish Tulsian, Co-Founder of POSist; Harshil Mathur Co-Founder of Razorpay; Shanti Mohan, Founder of LetsVenture; Sahil Barua, Co-Founder of Delhivery; Karthik Reddy, Managing partner at Blume Venture; Miten Sampat, angel investor and now at CRED. The list is long and distinguished, these are just some of the names; there will be several other ecosystem stakeholders deep-diving into a wide range of topics related to angel investments and fundraising. Through a combination of keynote talks, in-depth sessions, and panel discussions, the event aims to create an immersive and insightful experience for the attendees.

In a world of information overload which can often lead to more confusion than clarity, the summit’s objective is to bring deep filtered knowledge and learnings from real world practitioners.

Participants’ cheat-sheet

● Attend in-depth sessions from industry pioneers on topics such as everything about fundraising, angel investment, and why angels matter.

● Listen to experts share success stories on how to source and analyse deals.

● Connect one-on-one with investors and experts to gain deep insights about your interests.

● Learn about asset class performance.

● Learn about the playbooks of successful investors from their own angel investment journeys.

● Gain in-depth knowledge from sessions such as the art of angel investing, how to build proprietary deal flow, and securing allocations and follow-ons.

● Make valuable ecosystem connections and network with fellow attendees.

investment decoded

Why attend?

With ten new startups entering the elite unicorn (startups with $1 billion dollar valuations) club in the first four months of 2021 itself, it may seem like the ecosystem is birthing billion-dollar companies at will. However, the truth is that many challenges remain on the fundraising front for several startups, especially in raising angel investment.

It’s not just founders, but investors too who can find themselves in a fix when it comes to angel investing, especially during a pandemic.

While there are startups that have faced hurdles in scaling owing to lack of funding, despite having a great product, some investors on the other hand have found themselves entangled in new complexities. This is due to the raging coronavirus pandemic, where investing has become a different process, as playbooks have changed and the startup ecosystem’s needs are constantly evolving.

Both founders and investors, especially angels, have many questions around the fundamentals of angel funding, about what are the multiple ways to enable angel investing, on how to establish diverse ways of building deal flow, among other things. The Investments Decoded summit hopes to answer all these and more. Since the summit is virtual, participants have the option to either attend the sessions live or watch them later at their convenience.

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Edited by Ramarko Sengupta

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