Startups fight COVID-19: HealthifyMe launches online platform to search COVID-19 vaccination slots in India

Digital wellness startup HealthifyMe launched ‘,’ to help users locate available COVID-19 vaccination slots in their areas

Startups fight COVID-19: HealthifyMe launches online platform to search COVID-19 vaccination slots in India

Wednesday May 05, 2021,

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Amid the increasing demand for COVID-19 vaccines, Bengaluru-based digital wellness startup HealthifyMe launched a new portal, ‘,’ to aid people in finding COVID-19 vaccination slots. The portal built using CoWIN APIs is aimed at helping people find the available vaccination slots real-time in their area or district.

According to the official statement, the platform will notify the availability and opening up of vaccination slots via instant SMS, email, or WhatsApp notifications.

HealthifyMe founder Tushar

Tushar Vashisht, co-founder and CEO, HealthifyMe

The platform enables more personalised search by integrating the platform with several filters — pin code, district, age, choice of vaccine, and free or paid vaccination centres. HealthifyMe is planning to add more features and filters over the next few days.

“Health and fitness in these times start with getting vaccinated. is a small effort from our side to ensure greater participation and ease of access for our users. This is part of our ongoing effort to get India to be #Covifit. I wish to thank the government and CoWIN team for releasing public APIs so developers like us can act as force multipliers and bring value to the community at large,said Tushar Vashisht, Co-founder and CEO of HealthifyMe.

Speaking with YourStory, Tushar clarified that the platform is strictly a search and alert platform and will not allow users to book slots from the portal. Once, users find the desired slot, the platform will redirect to CoWIN portal for registration.

Founded in 2012, HealthifyMe offers a mobile health and fitness app to track the calories, nutrition, and fitness of the users. The digital platform currently claims to be serving over 19 million users in over 300 cities with over 500 coaches.

“The CoviFit initiative was launched this week to help accelerate vaccination drive and encourage people to focus on fitness,” Tushar said.

As a part of HealthifyMe’s ‘CoviFit’ initiative, the startup is offering free access to immunity and nutrition workshops, live workout sessions, and one-to-one therapy sessions. 

“The 360-degree initiative aims to give people a sense of control over their lives by offering tools that can help reduce anxiety and improve fitness levels while at home,” the official statement noted.

Edited by Kanishk Singh