[Funding alert] Ahmedabad-based startup consultancy platform Disruptium raises $200K in pre-seed round

The funds raised would be deployed towards tech development, hiring key resources, and building alliances and partnerships.

[Funding alert] Ahmedabad-based startup consultancy platform Disruptium raises $200K in pre-seed round

Monday May 31, 2021,

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Ahmedabad-based Disruptium, a consultancy platform for startups, has raised pre-seed funding of $200,000 from Pravesh Mehta (MD, Energysys and Lemonade Ventures) and Chokhani Ventures.

Owned and operated by Disruptworkz Infolabs Pvt Ltd, the recently launched company would deploy the funds towards developing tech, hiring key resources, and building alliances and partnerships.

“There is an abundance of good startup ideas and enthusiasm in our country. It is our privilege and responsibility to support emerging entrepreneurs with mentorship and capital to solve society's pressing challenges. We are excited to invest in Disruptium, and partner with a brilliant founding team,” said Pravesh Mehta.

Disruptium Founders

Founded by Yash Shah, Kapil Mathrani, and Ishit Desai in 2021, Disruptium is a proprietary platform for founder sourcing, screening, match-making, and mapping with co-founders. It validates and incubates startup ideas from concept stage to Series A round through market validation, competitive landscaping, market sizing, PMF, GTM, co-founder mapping, landing them a seed cheque and accelerating their zero-to-one from MVP to paid-customer journey with access to support functions and core network: hiring, growth and marketing, tech and product, and other challenges that startups face at such stage.


Disruptium also provides a full suite of consultancy services comprising pitch deck creation, digital and offline marketing, growth hacking, business modelling and planning, fundraising and tech development. Besides these, it caters to highly curated gold-class startups pitching to quick-TAT investors, with one-minute video pitches.

Disruptium also has its own corpus of Rs 15 crore, collected through their own funds and other investor contributions, which will be used for deployment in early stage, sector agnostic startups with a cheque size of Rs 50 lakh to Rs 1 crore.

Going forward, Disruptium would found and scale-up 25 startups across its first three cohorts. In addition, it expects to lend services to 1,000+ existing companies. For investors, the company expects to fund 100 startups in the first 18 months of operations, including 30 from its own first fund. The next fund size would be Rs 50 crore, to be raised in 2022.

Kapil Mathrani, Co-founder, Disruptium said,

“Scores of potential billion dollar startup ideas die at the idea stage for the want of funds, appropriate co-founding teams, access to network, lack of resources such as product, tech, marketing and growth, GTM strategy, and hiring the first few key team members. Disruptium is a startup of and for startups. With an aim to solve their problems, our founding team comes with a diverse and rich background of 30+ years.”

Edited by Kanishk Singh