[Turning Point] How this entrepreneur couple started up to provide chemical-free products for their baby

In this week’s Turning Point, we feature D2C brand Mamaearth, which is making over Rs 100 crore in revenue and is already in line with a revenue run rate of Rs 300 crore.

[Turning Point] How this entrepreneur couple started up to provide chemical-free products for their baby

Saturday May 08, 2021,

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Like most new parents, when Ghazal Alagh and Varun Alagh were expecting their first child, they wanted to use the best products for their unborn baby. With this thought in mind, the couple browsed the internet, searching for dos and don’ts for the little one, and also what products to use for their child. 

But to their utter dismay and surprise, there was simply nothing that was safe and chemical-free. They were shocked that there was no product that met safety standards. Every product they saw contained chemicals that were harmful to their newborn. 


[Image Credit: MamaEarth]

“We were worried not only for our baby, but for all the kids in our friends’ circle. We were able to understand the pain of the parents who, despite trying hard, could not find a good quality product,” Varun had told YourStory previously.

This led them to start Mamaearthin 2016. Mamaearth makes natural, plant-based products, which are both certified safe as well as effective. The aim was to bring natural products for the mother and the baby. According to the co-founders, the ingredients are procured from the best sources around the world, which are ISO, GMP, and Non-GMO compliant, Varun adds.

He says, “We had sleepless nights for six months. Right from doing research, creating an R&D team, and applying for certification, we were at our wit’s end. But, at last, we were able to find a solution.” 

Started with six products in the baby care range, Mamaearth has now diversified into skin and hair care products for men and women across 150 SKUs. The startup claims its products are Madesafe certified that offer 100 percent toxin-free and natural for baby care, skincare, and hair care.

“The brand’s proposition and the dire need for toxin-free products in the baby care segment made us reach where we are today. ‘Jahan chah hai wahan raha hai ’(where there is a will, there is a way). We believed that we will be able to fill the vacuum in the industry and with love and luck we made it happen,” said Varun. 

The Indian market for baby care products is expected to grow at a CAGR 15 percent between 2020

and 2025. While there are several established brands for baby products like Johnson & Johnson,

Pampers, and others, there is a growing need and awareness in the market for startups that focus

on chemical-free products for babies.

Some of the other notable Indian startups that are already in the space include Mother Sparsh, Priyanka Raina’s Maate, The Baby Atelier, and BumChum to name a few.

As of now, Mamaearth has reached over five million customers in over 100 cities across Indian and is a Rs 100 crore brand. The company is now aiming to touch a revenue run rate of Rs 300 crore. 

Edited by Megha Reddy