How Dell is helping small businesses stay resilient in the new normal


Over the past year, small businesses were among the sectors that were hit hardest across countries due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and India was no exception. India’s micro, medium and small enterprise (MSME) sector contributes over 30 percent to the GDP and comprises more than 40 percent of the country’s exports, while creating employment for about 11 crore people every year.

While the pandemic forced several MSMEs to shut shop, the upside is that it has sped up the pace of digitisation and reaped advantages like cost reduction and increased productivity.

According to a survey by Dun & Bradstreet, 82 percent of the surveyed small businesses have digitised their daily operations during the pandemic, which helped them in reducing costs by 54 percent and enhancing competitiveness by 51 percent .

The focus is on resiliency in the new normal

Given the intensity of the pandemic's devastation, a challenging business landscape is likely to persist in the near future as well. The uncertain economic outlook has put resiliency on the agenda of every business in the world.

Resiliency isn't just about dealing with the problems and challenges of today, but also creating a culture reinforced with digital technology and tools that enable businesses to be ready to weather even unexpected storms.

It’s no longer a choice, but the need of the hour for businesses of all sizes and types to adapt to remote work settings, reconfigure physical workspaces and change operating procedures to thrive in the market. Simply put, resiliency is being ready for tomorrow.

With its theme of ‘Roadmap for MSME Resilience and Recovery’, YourStory is hosting the MSME Week from June 18 to 27, 2021. At the 10-day virtual event, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, technologists, and policymakers will engage in important conversations on the devastating effects of the second wave of the pandemic on MSMEs and give a voice to their stories of resilience.

Dell's solutions optimise performance and costs for MSMEs

Many business leaders clearly understand the value of new technology, but perceive them to be costly, risky and out of reach. Moreover, with so many tech innovations to choose from, it can be challenging for a business with limited resources to decide which ones to invest in.

This is where Dell comes into the picture. With over 30 years of experience in helping small businesses to thrive, the company is on a mission to make small businesses more competitive and operationally efficient with its products and services.

From laptops, desktops, workstations and servers to monitors and other PC accessories, Dell’s infrastructure solutions help MSMEs complete their digital setup seamlessly. They meticulously design their solutions with the security, flexibility and user-friendliness that allows for continued growth while also delivering reliable performance.

As your business evolves, Dell also connects its MSME clients with a Small Business Advisor who will work with them to understand their business needs and provide them with the right solutions for growth.

If you're an MSME looking to accelerate your digital transformation journey, now is the best time to leverage Dell’s future-ready solutions. As a limited time offer, Dell is offering a 10 percent cash back on selected products, warranty upgrades and more. Know more.


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