Best of Weekender: Candid chat with Family Man’s Sharib Hashmi, a platform for children to read, and more

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Best of Weekender: Candid chat with Family Man’s Sharib Hashmi, a platform for children to read, and more

Sunday July 04, 2021,

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As JK Talpade or ‘Just JK’ of OTT platform Amazon Prime’s series The Family Man, Sharib Hashmi has become a household name. The espionage thriller’s second season has been topping various lists across India. It has even created an IMDB record in a poll that reveals the show is the fourth most-viewed around the world.

In a video conversation with YS Weekender, Sharib Hashmi talks about his journey, working with Yash Chopra, and why starting is important.


In a world where children are now attending school online, the charm and value of reading books is fast declining. Aware of this sad truth, Richa Sethi quit her lucrative corporate profession to make the habit of reading accessible and attractive to young, independent readers.

In 2018, she launched GetLitt! as a social community platform for children aged 7-12 years, which allows them to discover, access, and read books. It organises a range of activities to inculcate a love for reading from an early age.


Supplements are a confusing subject. What do supplements do? Can you get enough nutrients from food? Should you take supplements? Can they prevent symptoms and disease? What’s true and what’s not?

Supplements are a big industry in themselves, and so sometimes it can be tricky. Often, you can get overwhelmed when you see someone very influential endorsing a brand or a specific supplement as if you cannot do without it. It’s time to separate fact from fiction.

Coco Leni

Millennials are becoming increasingly conscious about their lives, especially what they wear. This trend has helped in raising awareness around sustainable living and adopting environment-friendly options, not just among consumers but also brands and businesses.  

And, Goa-based Coco Leni wants to make a dent in the eyewear market. The brand — started by Arjun Sagar and Matthias Haase — makes stylish eyewear out of sustainable raw materials, including wood, bamboo, buffalo horn, and Italian acetate, among others. 

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