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We Are Amazon- Where each story is an inspirational journey of lakhs of small businesses

We Are Amazon- Where each story is an inspirational journey of lakhs of small businesses

Thursday September 23, 2021 , 5 min Read

Claiming your presence at the right place and at the right time is almost like half the battle won. But, there is a chance of a lifetime that both the above time and place would sync well in striving for the desired success.

The thought takes us to the stories of small-scale businesses, local shops, and entrepreneurs who took to online while getting on board with Amazon. With zero market access, immense financial fragility, and massive uncertainty that the pandemic brought along, small-scale business owners and entrepreneurs were seeking a contingency plan.

Amazon is composed of these inspirational journeys and stories of struggle of the local shops, small business owners, and entrepreneurs whose hard work, and indomitable spirit held them high, while they reached out to their customers. These small businesses collaborating with Amazon, worked in synergy to cater to people across the country a range of products and services, even amid the global pandemic.

WeAreAmazon is an ode to the passion of lakhs of such entrepreneurs, and small businesses, who sell their products on Amazon, reaching out to millions of customers across the country. Amazon is made up of small businesses that have witnessed growth and success after tremendous hard work.

From us to yours

Unique concepts coupled with innovation and hard work form the backbone of a successful business. Amazon is formed by the encouraging stories of the 9L+ entrepreneurs who ventured out on their journey to rebuild themselves and went online for the same. Here, each of these stories became an inspirational journey while the small-scale businesses and owners showed immense strength and resilience, and Amazon supported their spirit of entrepreneurship by reaching out to millions of customers across the country. WeAreAmazon is an accumulation of the inspiring stories of these lakhs of small businesses selling their products to crores of customers across the country.

From collaborating with artisans in Tripura to extending their local shops online in the middle of the pandemic, almost all of the 9L+ small scale businesses and entrepreneurs registered at Amazon had their own inspiring stories to share, depicting tales of hard work and resilience, finally witnessing the hard earned success. The undying spirit of these entrepreneurs, local shops, and small business owners together makes Amazon.

Let’s look at some of the inspiring stories of grit and resilience that rebuilt themselves going online.

1. Brand name: SOW AND GROW

Seller name: NEHA SAHARAN

Started by Neha Saharan in 2017, Sow and Grow was a relatively young small business that provided boutique gardening solutions ranging from DIY gardening kits to geo-fabrics.

But the pandemic led them to shut offices down, leading to the cancellation of orders.

That was when Neha decided to take her business online with Amazon. Soon enough, their online presence resulted in orders from various parts of India, thereby witnessing a massive increase in sales. Neha concludes, “Had we not come online, we would have had to shut our business for a whole year instead of just two months.”

2. Brand: TEAFIT


TeaFit was initially started with the noble purpose of providing healthy and no-sugar beverages to the masses. A brand that had just hit the right notes with the national retail chains was caught on hold, courtesy the pandemic. The products hadn’t even reached the customers before they were compelled to close their doors.

However, instead of quitting, Jyoti decided to take her business online. Amazon helped her in seeking customers in new territories, especially from Mizoram from where she kept receiving multiple orders. A brand that was initially started with the idea of catering to metros, didn’t have the orders restricted to them. Taking her business online became Jyoti's biggest advantage, and to put it in her own words, “Amazon was a lifesaver” for her.



Every small business is known for its uniqueness. Aadvik Foods is particularly unique in its own right, making it India’s first brand of camel milk and camel milk products. When Shrey co-founded Aadvik, he was seeking both offline and online modes of building his business.

In the process, he realized that the importance lies in generating employment by helping a larger number of camel farmers. Keeping in mind the safety concerns of his employees and customers, he decided to claim his presence online.

He streamlined his process of online business while roping in with Amazon, and the collaboration that started with one camel breeder has grown to over 200 of them.

Shrey believes that his mantra of growth escalation even amidst the lockdown was the rapid increase of online sales on Amazon, by which he could enable his employees and farmers a decent livelihood.



When Rishika Namdev started Saptamveda — a nutraceutical business — it just had three products. With the hope of launching her brand entirely online, she realized that generating awareness was a major issue. Rishika then got on board with Amazon, which also aided her in keeping business afloat during the pandemic.

The decision of shifting the base online immediately proved fruitful as the orders didn’t stop coming even after receiving limited responses through her website. The thought that “her business wouldn’t have survived the lockdown” was proved wrong, and today, she is the proud owner of a steady workforce, and her products reach pan-India, especially to states like Jammu and Kashmir and parts of Northeast India.

Amazon has become such an integral part of her business now that the first remark she mentions the minute she reaches her warehouse is not how many orders they received, but if the Amazon orders have been dispatched.

This is the sentiment that echoes through the stories of Neha, Jyoti, Shrey, Rishika, and lakhs of others who believe that it’s only the spirit of entrepreneurs like them that make up Amazon. To know more, click here.