[TechSparks 2021] Amidst the pandemic, technology became the pulse of India’s healthcare sector

[TechSparks 2021] Amidst the pandemic, technology became the pulse of India’s healthcare sector

Thursday October 21, 2021,

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YourStory is back with its flagship startup-tech and leadership conference - TechSparks 2021, to be held from October 25 - 30, 2021. Like the past 12 years, our mission for this year too is to create a meaningful impact for 1.3 billion Indians by enabling content, conversations, and connections that matter and empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs and changemakers from India.

With the theme ‘What’s next - rethinking the future’, TechSparks 2021 will dedicate itself to providing an enabling ground for the most path-breaking innovations and defining conversations on how technology can and will shape our lives post-pandemic. To this end, TechSparks 2021 will bring together a constellation of global leaders, technology startups, large enterprises, and thought leaders from the global innovation ecosystem.

In tune with this year’s theme, TechSparks 2021 brings together a panel of experts to discuss ‘what’s next’ in one of the most important sectors in the world - healthtech. We present the topic ‘Tech save: Merging healthcare with innovation for rapid growth’, powered by SAP, aimed to give viewers an in-depth analysis of the current healthtech sector. The pandemic may have propelled it to the centre of all conversation, but the field has been making steady progress since the past few years. As per a recent report titled ‘Unleashing the Healthtech Potential’ by RBSA Advisors, India’s healthtech sector is estimated to reach $50 billion by 2033, growing 39% CAGR between 2020 and 2023. This growth can be attributed to the growing number of healthtech companies in the country, which aim to disrupt Indian healthcare, making it more accessible and convenient.

The current tech wave in the healthcare sector is a blessing for the otherwise overburdened sector. As per a Lancet report, India ranks 145th out of 195 countries when it comes to quality and accessibility of healthcare. In view of this situation, various startups have leveraged technology to offer support and fulfil demand. From AI-powered diagnostic tools, robotic-assisted surgeries (RAS) to doctor-at-home services, the healthcare sector is abuzz with changes. As the country found itself locked indoors, entrepreneurs also aimed at developing the preventive care, tele-services and wellness sector of the country. As per a health tech study by IAMAI-Praxis, E-pharmacies saw a 200% increase in the number of orders in 2020 and was the largest segment in the Indian healthtech market with $700 million revenue. Online consultations also increased by 300%. And by all accounts, this growth is only going to catch further steam as more and more entrepreneurs turn to technology to provide better services.

What to expect from Tech save: Merging healthcare with innovation for rapid growth

Experts from the healthtech ecosystem will deep-dive into the topic - Tech save: Merging healthcare with innovation for rapid growth, powered by SAP, and talk about their journey and commitment towards digitising the healthcare sector, ensuring accessible healthcare for all. As per a report by RBSA Advisors, wider application of robotics, AI/ML, wearables and on-body devices, blockchain and more could change the face of India’s healthtech sector in the years ahead. The report also added that the Internet of Things merged with telemedicine to create Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), and that has come to play a critical role in monitoring and preventing illnesses. Since all the panel members are experts from the field, it will be interesting to hear their views about the current technological advancements and their insights on the future of healthtech. The conversation will cover how the merging of technology and healthcare influences patient and hospital experience, the importance of leveraging AI/ML in the current ecosystem and how technology can ensure operational efficiency.

If you are a healthcare professional or a healthtech entrepreneur, this session will help you understand the current field a lot better with the following key takeaways:

  • Latest technological advancements in healthcare
  • What’s next in the field
  • Achieving operational efficiency through innovation
  • Regulatory compliance in the field
  • Cloud solutions that empower healthcare
  • SAP’s vision for the future

Speaker lineup

The panel features Geetha Manjunath, Founder and CEO, Niramai Health Analytix; Anu Acharya, Founder and CEO, Mapmygenome; Vishal Gondal, Founder and CEO, GOQii; Gaurav Agarwal, Co-founder, 1mg and Sunil Thakur, Partner, Quadria Capital.

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