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How Antier Solutions is adding a unique colour to the art community with NFTs

How Antier Solutions is adding a unique colour to the art community with NFTs

Monday November 01, 2021,

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The non-fungible token (NFT) development wave is taking the world by storm, seeping into sectors, including our very own Bollywood. Celebrity NFTs are still in their infancy in India but artists are quickly jumping on the bandwagon. Recently superstar Amitabh Bachchan made headlines after he announced that he would launch his NFTs soon - a tokenised collection of his limited artworks, including signed posters of films like Sholay, his recital of Madhushala and other rare pieces.

Given the increasing demand for NFTs, services like Antier Solutions are ensuring that the technology is accessible to everyone. The fast growing blockchain consulting firm is actualising digital and physical assets into NFTs for global customers, both individuals and institutions.

Understanding the NFT wave

The community, which originally depended on traditional exhibitions and middlemen, now can directly reach their audience and make an impact. NFTs provide a stamp of ownership in a field where digital replicas and first copies are common. Vikram R Singh, CEO, Antier Solutions, explains how NFTs work.

“NFT development includes creating non-fungible tokens over a blockchain network. Unlike cryptocurrencies, NFTs aren’t interchangeable and are one-of-a-kind. This means that each token is unique and represents a rare real-world asset that cannot be converted to, or from, another asset,” he says. The trend may have just come to Bollywood, but this isn’t the first time we’ve heard the term ‘NFTs’ in the media. The mainstream acceptance of blockchain technology has led the way for various other unconventional currencies and digital assets. If 2020 was all about DeFi, 2021 has put the spotlight squarely on NFTs. And the latter has emerged as a game-changer for the art sector. So much so, artist and illustrator Amrit Pal Singh has gone on to call NFTs “the biggest thing that has happened to digital artists since the invention of Photoshop”.

NFTs allow artists to register their works and transform them into secure assets. They are digital or non-digital assets that can be bought or sold like any other item, and on buying a token, buyers will receive a certificate that mentions them as the owner. Most often, ETH or Ethereum is the cryptocurrency that is used in the sale and purchase of NFTs.

“Now, imagine what happens when the right of ownership stays with the creator of the digital content. It eliminates the bottlenecks of asset (digital and physical) fraud, thereby putting the actual owners in absolute charge of their property. No harrasment from intermediaries or those enforcing monopoly,” shares Vikram.

The Antier edge

As one of the first entrants in the blockchain industry, Antier Solutions is a full-service blockchain development firm with over 300 experts that offer an impressive portfolio covering DeFi, Smart Contracts, fully customised layer-1 and layer-2 blockchain networks and of course, NFTs.

Antier’s end-to-end NFT token development services allows digital content creators and asset holders to grow in a democratic environment without depending on hosting agents. Antier offers superior NFT development services that ensure businesses can process scalable tokens as per product requirement. Their signature NFT services offer total transparency and ease in assuring platform liquidity, a robust product information structure, distinctive identification protocol, and swift and secure verification protocol.

While the art world is abuzz with the technology, Antier caters to a vast group of sectors and audiences, ranging from art, music, real estate, NFT-backed loans, digital content, domain names, investment and collaterals and games. NFT gaming development is also as lucrative as the art world, with models like ‘play and earn’ creating opportunities in the blockchain gaming market. Antier has led the revolution in the gaming sector too by building NFTs for one of India’s largest sports ‘play and earn’ apps.

NFT marketplaces

Since NFTs can’t be tracked on a regular crypto exchange, having an independent marketplace for them is essential. To that end, Antier also offers professional NFT marketplace development services through which businesses dealing with digital content can build their own NFT marketplace to manage the bidding, selling and trading of assets.

As a professional DeFi platform development company, Antier has weaved numerous peer-to-peer protocols focused on offering instant and safe transactions over blockchain technology, from tokens to ecosystems. A marketplace such as this makes the dealing of NFT as convenient as crypto exchange. It also comes with a variety of benefits, from owners reaping better returns as they directly reach a wider, global audience, surpassing regulatory hurdles, implementing attractive revenue models, preserving the right of ownership to uplifting the art community with security and more demand for their work.

NFT wallets

As crypto wallets do not support non-fungible assets, there has been an increase in the demand for NFT wallet development services. An NFT wallet is a digital wallet that allows artists and business owners to store, send, and transfer all types of non-fungible tokens.

Understanding this need, Antier Solutions has come up with robust feature-rich and secure NFT wallet services. These wallets are also highly secure, transparent, reliable and ideal for use. There are two types of users who can benefit greatly from Antier’s NFT wallet services - the creator and the collector. A web-based NFT wallet is perfect for the creator who needs to upload files and add information about their work, while mobile-based wallets are ideal for the collector who needs a user-friendly interface to buy and sell NFTs.

The trendsetters

Following Amitabh Bachchan’s statement, many other film stars announced their decision to join the NFT bandwagon such as Sunny Leone and more recently, Salman Khan, who took to Twitter to announce that he will launch NFTs in December 2021. Rima Kallingal became the first Malayalam actor to enter the NFT world. While Bollywood celebrities are hopping onto this trend only now, digital artists have been leveraging this technology for a while. Since July, there have already been two exhibitions displaying works with registered NFTs in Delhi. Artist and illustrator Amrit Pal Singh has sold a pair of “Toy Faces that were a tribute to the split of the band Daft Punk” for 15 ETH (around Rs 40 lakh), while another artist Laya Mathikshara had her most recent work “Amerkle series” sold for 400,000 USD (Rs 3 crore).

India may have just recognised the power of NFT, but it has been revered globally since a while. This year, artist Banksy sold the non-fungible token for his digital work of art ‘Everydays: The first 5000 days’ for $69.3 million. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey too joined the craze by deciding to sell his first-ever tweet as an NFT, and received massive bids for the same, including the highest bidder offering $2.5 million. The list doesn’t end here. International names such as Elon Musk, Eminem, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki and many others have joined the NFT bandwagon.

The way forward

From artists to news agencies to cricketers to billionaires, everyone is looking at NFTs with renewed interest. More recently, Manish Malhotra dropped India’s first fashion NFTs - digital sketches of his most famous creations. Indian cricketer Dinesh Karthik recently put up a digital art reel from a match where he hit the winning six for sale, for around 5 Ethereums. Digital objects such as videos, music, images, texts, tweets, and many more are waiting to be converted into NFTs, and some of the most prominent NFTs are collectibles, games, event tickets, music, media, virtual items, memes, real-world assets, domain names. For each of these, Antier has customised solutions aimed to help businesses accomplish their goals. Recognising that this trend is only set to grow, Antier brings its own touch of expertise to the table, such as technical prowess, outcome-driven approach and a coherent roadmap to ensure accelerated development and deployment.

Summing up Antier’s NFT journey, Vikram says, “We just delivered NFT development for one of the world’s popular fantasy games. I have no hesitation in accepting that NFT products will be the most profitable case studies of blockchain technology. We are going full throttle with our NFT services portfolio and have our priorities aligned for the next quarters.”

If you wish to leverage your NFT journey, click here to reach out to Antier Solutions and talk to their team of experts.