[Funding alert] Zenduty raises $1.9M led by StartupXseed Ventures

Launched in 2019, SaaS startup Zenduty aims to use this capital for growth initiatives, which includes product development and hiring.

[Funding alert] Zenduty raises $1.9M led by StartupXseed Ventures

Wednesday October 27, 2021,

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Zenduty, a SaaS startup has raised $1.9 million as part of its Pre-Series A round of funding led by StartupXseed Ventures, with participation from Powerhouse Ventures, Titan Capital, Supermorpheus, 100X Entrepreneurs, Kwaish, and Secure Octane Fund. The round also saw participation from a few angel investors.

“We did multiple deep dives and found Zenduty’s team and tech stack to be among the top in the market. Vishwa and Ankur are an addition to our pool of Indian Founders who are building a global B2B company. We are putting all our knowledge and connections on getting the best for the company.” said B V Naidu, Managing Partner, StartupXseed Ventures.

StartupXseed Ventures focuses on B2B Indian startups. It launched a second fund of Rs 200 crore in August 2021.


Zenduty founders: Ankur Rawal (left) and Vishwa Krishnakumar

Launched in 2019 by Vishwa Krishnakumar and Ankur Rawal, Zenduty helps engineering teams recover from downtime faster.

Ankur Rawal, CTO and Co-founder of Zenduty said, "Recovering from downtime is tough and requires multiple stakeholders across different teams to come together to solve a complex problem. Having seen incidents closely from the lenses of production engineers, support teams, business owners, and end-users, we built Zenduty with a focus on collaboration, transparency, intelligence, automation, and post-incident learning.”

According to the startup, many large enterprises that traditionally have a high uptime are now rapidly adopting site reliability engineering (SRE) practices within their teams, along with implementing incident management processes that scale with their businesses.

Zenduty aims to be an essential part of their site reliability engineering stack.

Vishwa Krishnakumar, CEO & Co-founder of Zenduty, said, “We have been doubling every five months for the past 18 months. This round of investment along with our great set of strategic investors will help us increase our growth momentum and our market share in our key markets of North America and Europe. We are also looking forward to building a world-class, inclusive, and diverse team and accelerating product research and innovation.”

Edited by Saheli Sen Gupta