[Matrix Moments] How GoKwik is democratising online shopping experience for D2C brands

In this week’s Matrix Moments podcast, Rajat Agarwal and Sarthak Malhotra from Matrix Partners India, speak with Chirag Taneja, Co-founder of GoKwik, on democratising the online shopping experience for D2C brands.

The ecommerce boom threw up a few challenges for the sector, which pushed entrepreneur Chirag Taneja to establish ecommerce enablement platform GoKwik

“Some amount of fintech, knowledge about how consumer brands are playing out, how direct-to-consumer (D2C) is going to do, how ecommerce is going to play out, resulted into GoKwik,” the co-founder says. 

GoKwik is trying to solve interesting problems in the ecommerce segment from a vision standpoint. Chirag says the startup is looking at democratising the shopping experience across the Amazon and non-Amazon world. 

Founders (L-R): Ankush Talwar, Chirag Taneja and Vivek Bajpai

“That’s largely what we’re trying to solve, and, of course, there are a plethora of problem statements that we’re going after,” Chirag says.

Explaining this further, Rajat Agarwal, Managing Director, Matrix Partners India, said, 

“In a nutshell, you’re essentially providing the same shopping experience to consumers on any merchant website, which they could potentially get on Amazon, or at least from a checkout perspective, the same experience they could get, and all other merchant problems related to that.” 

Adding to this, Sarthak Malhotra says, he first came across the checkout experience at fintech startup Stripe, where he was leading an investment round in Fast — a startup building platform-agnostic login and checkout services. 

“I was pretty fascinated by it (checkout experience) and found myself shopping across a bunch of merchants. I realised, every time I have to go and create an account, I have to go to the payments page, and I just thought this is just like a pain,” adds Sarthak. 

However, he realised this would create a conversion problem — people drop off as they don’t want to fill in reams of details. His quest to understand brands who solve this problem got him talking to D2C brands. 

“Today, the world has gone beyond Amazon and Flipkart. People are shopping at different marketplaces. Can the experience be made better?” asks Sarthak. 

Chirag says India has a large chunk of non-Amazon and non-Flipkart employees, which is the bedrock of what GoKwik is building.

“We have a larger responsibility that by enabling these, we are building a larger shopping GMV on the non-Amazon and Flipkart marketplaces,” adds Chirag. 

Listen to the podcast here.

Edited by Suman Singh


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