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Everything-as-a-Service business model is a game-changer for startups, says Lenovo’s Daniel Fields at TechSparks 2021

At TechSparks 2021, Daniel Fields, Executive Director - Asia Pacific Services, Lenovo, discussed how small and medium businesses in India can leverage Lenovo TruScale’s Everything-as-a-Service for seamless work experiences while operating in a hybrid environment.

Everything-as-a-Service business model is a game-changer for startups, says Lenovo’s Daniel Fields at TechSparks 2021

Tuesday October 26, 2021 , 3 min Read

Everything-as-a-Service or XaaS has been gaining traction globally, especially on the back of successful SaaS business models of Adobe, Salesforce, Slack, Dropbox, and Freshworks.

While some companies are beginning to offer the ‘as-a-service’ model for cloud computing, a few firms combine products and services into a single package to offer better value to customers than standalone offerings.


Speaking at the 12th edition of YourStory’s flagship event, TechSparks 2021 — India's most influential startup-tech conference — Daniel Fields, Executive Director – Asia-Pacific Services, Lenovo, said,

“IT leaders don’t want to manage devices, platforms, and infrastructure. They want to be enablers of growth. Particularly in areas of small businesses or growing businesses, you need IT leaders to be aiding in innovation.”

The shift towards a hybrid work environment has led employees to want seamless, efficient, and productive work experiences. And Lenovo TruScale helps with the same.

The pay-as-you-go business model is an easily scalable model without any huge investments. It also offers round the clock management and monitoring to help businesses focus more on the work than the workflow.

Lenovo TruScale 

Daniel explained, “TrueScale is an everything-as-a-service product, and everything-as-a-service means from the pocket with a mobile phone to the data centre. We need to be able to have a full IT portfolio that's flexible and can scale up and scale down. As-a-service also means the hardware and software services are billed on an as-needed basis and in a regular billing cycle rather than paying for everything upfront.”

By offering flexibility for competitive, scalable, and cloud-like consumption, Lenovo TruScale addresses common business challenges with its pay-as-you-go model. Business owners can seamlessly manage data in a hybrid environment.

On the services lifecycle

Making remote work simple, secure, and more reliable for users, Lenovo TruScale provides a responsive remote desktop to work anywhere.

Daniel urged businesses to focus on products that allow the services lifecycle to form modern workplaces and use a cloud environment.

Modern workplace also means functioning as close as possible to Zero Touch — preparing the device as much as possible for the end-user before it reaches their hands — done by consulting persona types, figuring out the applications required, images to be on the machine, etc.

“First of all, there's planning and consultation about where you are going, where you are now, and how can we help you get there? There's the configuration of the device before it gets deployed. There's the deployment itself and the implementation. Then there's the ongoing support, the ongoing management, and then finally, there's the retirement of the device,” Daniel explained.

He added, “The retirement has to be done securely and in a way where you regain maximum value and is good for the environment.”

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Edited by Suman Singh