Meet the top Dutch startups that are keen to collaborate with Indian companies

At TechSparks 2021, some leading and emerging startups from the Netherlands introduced themselves to the Indian market, showcasing their problem statements and business models.

Meet the top Dutch startups that are keen to collaborate with Indian companies

Thursday October 28, 2021,

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Startups with their disruptive innovations, technological advancements, and employment opportunities are integral to a country’s growth. As are collaborations with like-minded nations and their startups.

India and the Netherlands have emerged as some of the most lucrative markets in the world, with tremendous growth potential. Ranking fifth on the Global Innovation Index (GII), the Netherlands is at the forefront of some of the most cutting-edge tech solutions being innovated and implemented in the world.

TechSparks 2021, YourStory's flagship startup-tech conference, saw some leading and emerging Dutch startups introduce themselves to the Indian market.

Talking about their problem statements and business models, startup founders and CEOs made elevator pitch-style presentations.

Let’s meet the startups that participated in the town hall titled, ‘Introducing Dutch startups to the Indian market’:  


Presented by Founder and CEO Jorrit Steinz, ChanelEngine helps stores, brands, and distributors find millions of new customers by connecting them to the biggest marketplaces. They also provide a suite of tools that enables them to push sales through automated repricing, auto management, stock listing, etc. 



Cittamap offers data solutions to build climate-resilient infrastructure, using geospatial AI and nature-based adaptation solutions integrated into the workflow. “In India, we want to work with infrastructure companies, asset developers, operators, and financers who want to protect their assets from climate risks. Our vision is to see a world that is safe from climate threats, and we see nature and technology at the core of this resilience,” said Gagan Reddy, Founder and CEO, Cittamap.

Dealroom is a global provider of data and intelligence on startups and tech ecosystems. The startup works with many of the world's most prominent investors, entrepreneurs, and government organisations to provide transparency, analysis, and insights on venture capital activity.

“India is an interesting market for us. We would like to work with stakeholders involved in the Indian startup ecosystem to help them understand how they can build on the current momentum with the help of data and insights,” said Darren Stauffer, Head of Government Sales and Strategic Partnerships, Dealroom. 

Hable One

Hable One provides independence to people who are blind or visually impaired by making smartphones accessible using a wireless controller. Ayushman Talwar, Co-Founder, Hable One, said, “We are looking for a strategy partner in India, in banks, telecoms, NGOs, and government agencies.”

Hydraloop Systems


Hydraloop is a global leader in designing and producing innovative and game-changing high-tech decentralised water recycling products in different sizes for homes, apartments, corporates, hospitality, etc. Sabine Stuiver, Co-founder and CMO, Hydraloop Systems, said, “In India, we are looking for regional partners who can market, sell, and service our products. We are interested in real estate development, real estate fittings, and utility sectors, and we are also looking for potential production partners in India.”


Developing innovative solutions for smart and energy-efficient buildings, INGY uses lighting as the backbone of a smart building, enabling applications such as asset tracking, indoor navigation, occupancy analytics, and much more.

“We are looking for partners in India…lighting companies that can integrate our solutions or smart building companies that are offering a wide range of smart building services,” said Bastiaan de Groot, CEO, INGY.


“We are an edtech company based out of the Netherlands and looking to work with Indian edtech companies to help bring the world's largest open learning library for education. We have developed our own AI and machine learning-driven technology, and we are excited to bring that to India,” said Christine Fraser, Director of Product, WizeNoze.



Space4Good works around the world and collaborates with NGOs, universities, public authorities, multinationals, and other social enterprises to change the status quo for a better planet and society. “We feel that our work on regenerative agriculture, agroforestry, and disaster management could be of great help and relevance in India,” said Alexander Gunkel, Founder and Managing Director, Space4Good.

Solarge BV

Solarge is a manufacturer of sustainable, fully recyclable lightweight solar panels. Jan Vesseur, CEO and Co-founder, Solarge BV, elaborated, “We are interested in the Indian market because our solar products are a great fit for the residential market. We are looking to partner with companies who can help us set up a 300 megawatt factory in India.” 


SocialDatabase helps brands improve their social media marketing results. “India has the third highest Twitter base in terms of numbers, allowing us to really slice and dice the market with endless possibilities. We make advertising relevant in a privacy sensitive world. We are looking to work with media and marketing agencies in India,” said Fares El Masri, Head of Middle East and North Africa, SocialDatabase.


SmartFarming designs and develops innovative agritech products and concepts for farmers, and agribusinesses. Benny Katta, Country Director - India, SmartFarming, highlighted that the company has been working in India for the past three years, in partnership with universities, NGOs, farm produce companies, etc. “We want to further partner with government entities and companies that are into biodiversity and research,” Benny said.



Sensorfact provides a solution that combines hardware, software, and energy consultancy to help manufacturers in their energy management journey.

Sidd Malhotra, Business Development Manager, Sensorfact, said, “We would like to bring our services to India. We can help manufacturers in India who are interested in reducing their operational cost and contribute towards a more sustainable practice.”

S&T Corp

S&T develops software for data processing applications particularly for satellite data processing. Edo Loenen, Product Manager, S&T Corp, said, “India is a large country. Problems that India is facing are uniquely suited for satellite data to be applied.”  

Maru Systems

Maru specialises in off-grid systems and renewable power supply solutions. “We want to set up a production and trading base for our product RPS systems in India. Our focus is to find investors and partners who can support us with production, provide raw material, etc.,” said Swathi Hegde, International Business, Maru Systems.



Co-presented by Yannick Kok, Team Lead, Sales Development, Mapiq, and Ramakrishna Puranam, Sr. General Manager - Smart & Connected Systems & IoT, Wipro, Mapiq creates smart workspaces. The duo talked about scaling solutions for customers in India to offer smart building solutions suitable for hybrid work culture. 

Light Tree Technology (LTV)

A part of Light Tree Ventures Group, LTV is a one-stop shop for every company that wants to develop their own medical, LLLT or LED therapy device. “We are looking for partnerships in India to spread our B2B business. We can create new products in light therapy suitable for the Indian market,” said Yogesh Bhardwaj, CEO, Light Tree Ventures India.


FeelSprout reshapes the future of traditional farming by reinventing small-scale food production systems. Britte van Die, Founder, FeelSprout, said, “In India, we are looking for partners, researchers, students, agri enthusiasts to accelerate our vision of making people self-sustained - to produce their own food in a safe, circular way.”

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Edited by Teja Lele