Unicommerce plans international expansion

In conversation with YourStory, Kapil Makhija, CEO of Unicommerce, talks about the supply chain SaaS platform’s expansion and product development plans.

Unicommerce plans international expansion

Tuesday November 23, 2021,

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Ecommerce-focused supply chain software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, Unicommerce processes 20 percent of India’s ecommerce volumes. 

Now, the company has decided to invest $5 million towards strengthening international operations and further expanding its presence in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Unicommerce will invest in the areas of product enhancement, setting up local offices, sales, and marketing along with hiring local talent in these regions. 

The company has already acquired over 25 new clients in Middle East and Southeast Asia such as Dubai, KSA, Kuwait, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, etc. 

In a conversation with YourStory, Kapil Makhija, CEO, Unicommerce, talks about the supply chain SaaS platform’s expansion and product development plans.

"With more international markets, we will be adding many more international ecommerce companies, logistics providers, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and point of sale (POS), making it simpler for companies to sell across the globe," he said.

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