Discover Dollar helps enterprises recover overpayments using Microsoft’s AI technologies

As a user of Microsoft technologies, Discover Dollar leverages the latest AI technologies like cognitive capabilities, AI, and ML services along with the Analytics stack to enhance the customer experience.

Founded in 2014, Discover Dollar helps enterprises identify and recover overpayments by analysing prices and discounts negotiated over emails and contracts. The founder, Subramanya R while working in a corporate with a retail focus, realised that retailers are losing a lot of money over overpayment issues. After analysing the nuances, he realised that there are complexities around unstructured data leading to overpayment and revenue leakages. To solve this problem, Discover Dollar built a platform that analyses huge amounts of unstructured enterprise data to prevent businesses from losing money.

“We built a prototype on SAP’s platform and we were rewarded by SAP for building the most innovative solution globally.”

Subramanya R, Founder, Discover Dollar

As a ‘data-first’ company, Discover Dollar has analysed more than $200 billion worth of spend and 40 million negotiation documents like emails and contracts, identified and recovered more than $419 million which would otherwise be lost forever. Discover Dollar has helped Fortune 500 companies like Target, Metro, Budweiser, AB InBev, Lowe’s, Canadian Tire etc. recover more than multi-million dollars using Discover Dollar Resolve.

Discover Dollar Resolve is a platform supported by SAP Hana and advanced Text Analysis Engine, that can detect, notify and resolve overpayment issues in absolute real-time bringing significant benefits to retailers.

A bridge in helping build trust with customers

As a user of Microsoft technologies, the company can leverage the latest AI tech like cognitive capabilities, AI, and ML services along with the Analytics stack. The company believes that the biggest advantage of working with Microsoft is that they are present in every possible enterprise. Enterprises trust Microsoft which as a startup Discover Dollar may take a long time to build. Working on innovative solutions by Microsoft provides an advantage to Discover Dollar in terms of establishing trust with the clients.

Subramanya R shares, “With this collaboration, we are witnessing a synergy where we have an innovative solution which has been accepted by many Fortune 500 companies. We have been able to save more than $400 million for our customers so far. Now as we grow and connect with more companies, Microsoft is acting as a bridge in helping us build the much-needed trust.”

The goodwill that Microsoft enjoys with its customers is beneficial to startups using its solutions. For Discover Dollar, getting through the right people at enterprises has always been a challenge. However, with Microsoft, it is easier to pitch and present your ideas. The enterprises are also willing to invest their precious time and money in a solution by a startup with the trust that they have with Microsoft.

A natural fit to be a trusted collaborator

“Looking back, the majority of our businesses have come through collaborations and Microsoft has been a key player. One of the main reasons is because we have invested a lot in the Cloud and Microsoft being an excellent cloud service provider plays a crucial role in our business,” he explains.

Discover Dollar is also working with Microsoft on go-to-market strategies where Microsoft and Discover Dollar will join hands to build products on the Azure platform and co-sell to enterprise clients.

Microsoft AI Innovate Program

Discover Dollar is focused on enterprise space with a significant cloud spend per client. With help of the Microsoft AI Innovate program, Discover Dollar is looking to solve some of the toughest cognitive and AI use cases at scale to help its Fortune 500 clients.

“As a startup processing huge amounts of unstructured data, we have internally built AI-ML services. Owing to a few limitations, we are looking at Microsoft’s AI capabilities to deliver a better value to our customers. And on that front, we are working on six new use cases which we are efficiently trying to solve with the help of Microsoft,” adds Subramanya.

How does 2022 look like for Discover Dollar?

Discover Dollar aims to continue its collaboration with Microsoft and is looking forward to having at least 100 accounts to work with the help of Microsoft by the end of 2022. The company believes the association should continue to grow as some of the data sources that they use are Microsoft-native.

Most of the enterprises use Office 365 for email services and Microsoft Excel to store data. Both of these services are important data sources for Discover Dollar to gain insights about overpayments and revenue leakages.

Describing the support from Microsoft, he says, “We have a dedicated relationship manager from Microsoft who connects with us weekly. Also, we have direct conversations with account managers who are working with the client. This kind of support has helped us build a trusted partnership with Microsoft.”

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