YourStory’s The Metaverse Summit - India’s first Web 3.0 conference to BUIDL a decentralised future - is around the corner

Join us for a virtual event on December 18, 2021 for the launch and reveal of YourStory’s The Metaverse Summit and Blockchain Economy franchise - a series of key initiatives to foster an enabling environment for BUIDLing a decentralised future powered by Web 3.0.

YourStory’s The Metaverse Summit - India’s first Web 3.0 conference to BUIDL a decentralised future - is around the corner

Friday December 10, 2021,

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For over a decade, YourStory has been at the forefront of India’s startup revolution, and has shaped the narrative of the country's new innovation-driven economy. Today, as India and the world stand at the cusp of pushing the reset button in almost every industry, YourStory is bullish on a future that will be decentralised, community-driven, and built on Web 3.0. 

We believe that even as blockchain technology adoption across sectors has been accelerating at a rapid pace, shaping whole industries and driving efficiency and growth, a new way to experience the Internet is now upon us. Web 3.0 -- the latest slew of apps and digital services powered by blockchain -- is on the path to becoming this generation's defining invention, just like the Internet did over the past three decades.

At this opportune moment, YourStory is launching The Metaverse Summit - a flagship event and platform for bringing the global blockchain and Web 3.0 ecosystem together to BUIDL a decentralised future and accelerate innovation in the building blocks of the Metaverse.

YourStory's The Metaverse Summit will showcase the new wave of Web 3.0 innovations, powered by blockchain technology which will fundamentally transform the way we interact with the digital world and the internet economy at large, and spotlight the companies and innovators leading the Metaverse revolution -- a Web 3.0-enabled virtual universe that combines virtual spaces and multiple aspects of digital technologies, such as cryptocurrencies, virtual reality, to allow global users to meet, chat, work, and play games.

On December 18, 2021, join us at a virtual event for the launch of The Metaverse Summit, where we reveal the dates for the global, mega version of The Metaverse Summit (to be held in March 2022) and share other key details about the event.

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The Metaverse Summit - A Primer

On December 18, at YourStory’s The Metaverse Summit - A Primer, join the likes of Sandeep Nailwal, Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer, Polygon; Aniket Jindal, Co-founder, Biconomy; Pranav Sharma, Founding Partner, Woodstock Fund; Tarusha Mittal, Co-founder and CEO, UniFarm, and other Web 3.0 innovators as they delve deep into the way forward towards building the Metaverse.

At the same event, YourStory is also launching its BlockChain Economy franchise, which comprises The Metaverse Summit initiative as well as The Decrypting Story, YourStory’s brand new digital multimedia property for featuring the best blockchain startups, innovative solutions and BUIDLers in the space, as well as detailed insights, analysis and resources on India’s developing Web 3.0 ecosystem.

BlockChain Economy: Key Pillars

YourStory’s BlockChain Economy franchise will be centred on a mission to:

  • Enable discovery of the most promising innovators of Web 3.0 technology
  • Influence conversations and drive messaging to foster an enabling environment 
  • Build a community-driven ecosystem of key stakeholders to accelerate growth 
  • Serve as a central hub to identify talent and enable talent matching
  • Identify learning needs and enable focused learning on emerging technologies
  • Enable ecosystem partnerships to facilitate scale for partners

If you’d like to join us on December 18, 2021 for the launch event, or register for one or more of the other key initiatives under YourStory’s new Blockchain Economy franchise, visit the website or use this form.

Edited by Tenzin Pema