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For travel enthusiast Ambrish Dutta, success is a journey and not a destination

Ambrish Dutta says he has travelled and achieved enough in his life to make a movie about it. He shares his travel, personal, and professional plans for the upcoming year.

For travel enthusiast Ambrish Dutta, success is a journey and not a destination

Friday December 24, 2021,

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For Ambrish Dutta, lovingly called Kaku, the biggest achievement in life was getting his sister married and setting up a new factory unit for his company Duttason Engineers, which provides a premium quality range of equipment and spare parts to several industries. The most favourite part of his job is to manage things and be at the source of what's happening in the company.

According to him, success is a journey and not a destination. "It’s day-to-day success, where you keep on learning new things. When your family is happy, you're making money, giving employment opportunities to others, that is success. It's not a scalable measure, rather it's the happiness and joy around you that's reciprocated," he says.

In fact, Ambrish says that he's reached a stage in his life, where someone can make a movie out of it. "I'm adding it to my checklist, so that it gets done when I'm 50 years old," he shares.

The night owl would choose summer over winter any day. "When I wake up in the morning, it's around 10 AM and I start by scrolling through Instagram. I don't realise I've lost time and then push myself to get out of bed and go to work. At night, I'm able to do work easily," he says.

His favourite beverage is coffee, and in his free time, you will find him binge-watching Netflix series, watching documentaries on YouTube, and checking out Instagram reels and stories.

When asked about the three things he would grab if his house ever caught fire, he answers without hesitation that the first would be his mother, then the 'Thakur ji' he has installed at home, and finally, his late father's photo.

If he ever got the chance to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he would tell him, "You rock, keep doing what you do."

Ambrish has got a travel checklist and visited most of the countries around the world. Next up is Miami, USA, Spain, Ibiza, Barcelona, and Dubai. "Dubai is one place I want to visit, even if it's just for three days. It's been on my checklist for such a long time," he says.

In the coming year, apart from getting married, Ambrish also has plans of expanding his new factory unit and also setting up a third unit.