Differential trends that will simplify communication in the digital age

As communication channels undergo a swift transformation in the digital age, businesses have also risen to the occasion, adapting to capture the imagination of new-age customers.

Differential trends that will simplify communication in the digital age

Wednesday February 23, 2022,

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A famous quote by John Powell states, “Communication works for those who work at it.” Indeed, his words ring true even today, especially as communication continues to remain one of the most integral pillars in the evolution of humanity. From the era of cave paintings to carrier pigeons, to sending telegraphs, to radio, e-mails and the internet today, humans have come a long way in the pursuit of simplifying communication across channels.

While we are living in a digitally inclined world of tweeting and texting today, communication channels such as radio and television have undergone a swift transformation over the course of time with the objective of captivating consumers in the digital age by developing innovative content.

It is thus safe to say that these businesses have truly evolved to not only capture the imagination of new-age users, but also simplify their daily lives.

This is because these evergreen mediums have been quick to adapt to the constantly changing trends in the multimedia domain, in an age where the preferences of consumers change by the minute. The fundamental rule of effective communication is staying real and offering relatable content.

Communication platforms such as radio have understood the nuances of developing new-age content and have been exchanging ideas, thoughts, knowledge, and information in a thoroughly entertaining manner for engaging all the new age listeners.

Some key trends that are set to simplify communication in a digitally inclined world are as follows.

Offer diversified content

One of the big trends dominating media portals in the digital age, which has helped them to simplify their communication channels, has been the adoption of a well-diversified approach to communication. The key to consumers’ hearts is establishing a strong connect and accessibility is crucial for developing such a connect.

Many mass media portals today have branched out successfully as they have diversified their presence into social media, and introduced countless other formats to keep their consumers hooked on.

Podcasts have also become an increasingly popular route for many big brands in the entertainment world, with fresh concepts like Kadak Currency, India’s first financial podcast appealing to millions of consumers.

The strategy has, as a result, helped them build a stronger connect with their user base while facilitating a much more amicable form of communication.

Personalisation is the key

Personalisation is another trend taking over the world of communication. Personalising content has aided multiple new-age portals in targeting consumers more appropriately, thereby providing an edge over the competition.

This is because most consumers in today’s time are seeking unique, customised, and relevant content to be targeted towards them. Personalisation can be highly impactful and new-age users are most likely to prefer platforms that offer them personalized experiences.

This phenomenon is all set to become an industry standard because it creates a far more interactive environment for consumers and offers them a more immersive experience, in a world where there are a million things on the internet to entertain them at any given moment.

Thus, personalisation undoubtedly makes consumers feel special, as it not only simplifies communication, but also streamlines it for every individual.

Rise of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing continues to gain momentum across all mediums, with an increasing number of brands and organisations taking the influencers engagement route. While influencer marketing has become quite popular owing to the meteoric rise of the communities on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, etc. it is set to become the most dominant marketing tool in the near future.

Influencers are being considered as the best brand advocates and are lending a great support to an organisation’s communication channel.

RJ influencers and other popular figures from traditional media are playing a key role in steering this transition that will shape the future of social media, and many of these personalities have garnered millions of followers of Instagram today.

Hence, one foresees these famous names becoming the preferred choice of influencers for brands owing to their credibility, authenticity, relatability and the trust they bring to the table.

Amplifying user-generated content

User-generated content will be a huge asset for media portals, as they will play a crucial role in simplifying their communication and making content more engaging on a much broader level. User-generated content is essentially creating a trend or an activity, and encouraging consumers to join in on the fun.

For instance, enticing one’s followers to create reels on a trending theme or asking one’s listeners to create their own cover version of a popular song. Such communication can really help consumers to immerse themselves in one’s new age offerings, and bring brands closer to their audiences.

Engaging consumers via user-generated content creation can allow brands in establishing a direct connect with their user base and aid in augmenting their brand recall.

Clearly, the key is to not just communicate with consumers, but establish a strong connect, engage, and entertain them. It is imperative for organisations in the media industry to go out of the way to curate and create innovative yet relatable content that appeals to a wide range of audiences.

It is not just important to cater to the demands of the market, but also provide a more enriching content consumption experience that can add value to the lives of the consumers.

Edited by Saheli Sen Gupta

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