How Egnyte India is attracting top-notch talent to accelerate company growth

Content security and data governance leader Egnyte looks to India for its next phase of strategic growth and innovation. The company seeks top talent to join its engineering, product development, and marketing departments as it builds its latest center of excellence.

Growth is an inevitable part of success for any organization, and Egnyte is no exception. After 14 years of success in North America and Europe, Egnyte is set to spread its wings in India as it embraces the “work from anywhere” model and looks to hire top talent across the country, with a focus on diversity.

Egnyte has already kicked off this process with an event that was held in Pune in November 2021 to mark the official launch of Egnyte India.

India: Hotbed of tech talent

The event kicked off with an insightful welcome speech by Vineet Jain, Co-Founder and CEO of Egnyte. “Egnyte India is a cornerstone of Egnyte and will be front and center for engineering and marketing talent while working on innovative and impactful projects,” he said.

Remote speakers like Stan Hansen, Chief Revenue Officer, and David Spitz, Chief Marketing Officer, Egnyte, also participated in the event.

Egnyte India is transforming itself to be an engineering and marketing “center of excellence”, based on the diversity and the pool of talent they’ve acquired to date, and the positions Egnyte is hoping to add to its growing roster. “The ones joining us can expect to work on interesting problems of scale, engineering, and business use cases,” said Sachin Shetty, one of the distinguished engineers at Egnyte.

The event was also graced by the presence of Shishir Sharma, Sr Director Of Engineering, and Achalu Narayanan, VP, Marketing Operations. “They flew down exclusively from the US for the Egnyte India launch,” added Sachin.

“Vouching for our flexible and open work culture, we supported and encouraged ‘work from anywhere’ long before the term was popularized by the pandemic. On that note, we would be a remote-first company even after the pandemic is over. We continuously strive to create a truly global work culture, where team members get to work and interact with people around the world,” he added.

Going forward, Egnyte India plans to hire across the board, including positions in Engineering, HR, Administration, Marketing, and Product Management. Vineet feels that this is an indication of Egnyte’s commitment to building a world-class organization in India.

“We are hiring a senior leader to head Egnyte India as well as senior and principal engineers who would help us take our tech stack to the next level. We have many open headcounts and a project roadmap with several interesting and strategically important projects lined up for Egnyte India,” said Vineet.

How diversity fuels growth

India is a land of diversity, and Vineet considers this to be an integral part of Egnyte’s growth. “We have team members working from Jammu to Chennai, and from Surat to Gangtok. Both cultural and gender diversity means a healthy mix of skills, helping each other in overcoming weaknesses,” he added.

Egnyte India has almost doubled in size in the last six months. “We are running critical customer-facing projects from India, hiring experienced people who can deliver on their own, end to end. Egnyte India is already making a significant contribution to our roadmap and it will only increase in the foreseeable future,” said Vineet.

Focus on team bonding

The event served as a catalyst in socializing and bonding with each other, especially in the wake of the pandemic where remote working has almost become a norm. Salil Gadekar, Marketing Director, Egnyte, shared, “Every team member missed interacting with each other during the pandemic. The whole setup of keeping the team together and close made all of us feel safe as well during these testing times. It also served as a cross-functional get-together. While same function teams (like Engineering) often meet on Zoom calls, there are only a handful of cross-functional events. It was good for team members to know each other's functions, roles, and of course the people around them.”

A major aspect of the event was also inviting the family members to strengthen both professional and personal bonds.. “It was a good way to make the family feel part of Egnyte and socialize with co-workers of your family members,” added Salil.


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